Mobile Security Threats are real and critical

March 29, 2016 | By admin
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Mobile security threats

Yes, Mobile Security Threats are real…and critical

Mobile devices are so common and so much a part of our day to day lives that we can’t perhaps live without them. Thus it’s easy for hackers to make their entry into our lives very easily through mobile devices…Yes, the threat is real, and critical too…

Mobile Security Threats- Not just personal

Though Mobile devices are personal, Mobile Security Threats should not be seen as mere personal matter. It affects your personal online security and may also end up as a threat to the online website security of the organization or company that you are part of…


  • Can be stolen
  • Malware attack is easy
  • Information theft over wireless network is easy


Here are some real hard facts that need to be known as regards Mobile Security Threats-

  • About 80 % of top 100 IOS or Android apps have been hacked
  • About 75% of Mobile apps fail basic security tests
  • Over 16 million smartphones worldwide contain malware
  • Less than 7% of popular apps are armed against hacking with professional grade protections.
  • 39% people go for proper mobile security methods.
  • Over 50% of organizations suffer data loss through insecure mobile devices

Still, why are mobile devices preferred and encouraged?

  • Makes work easier
  • Work on the move possible
  • Productivity increases with better access to apps and internet
  • Better connectivity within organizations


  • Make sure access controls are password-protected

  • Don’t store/save personal and finance-related data on mobile devices
  • Periodic back-up of data
  • Be wary of free apps
  • Proper control over wireless network
  • Use effective anti-virus software
  • Wipe data automatically in case of device theft

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