PC Users Find Kaspersky Software Too Hot to Handle

January 8, 2016 | By admin
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Security software are built to protect your PC against imminent threats and help the system run smoothly. But you can’t say the same thing about Kaspersky Internet Security, aka KIS in short – the kiss of death for your loyal PC.

Kaspersky feedback

In the recent months, there have been numerous cases of KIS users complaining about their computers (we are talking about PCs with solid RAM and CPU speed) overheating and a sudden overload in the computer disk drive. Apparently, the computer is subjected to doom when the hard disk is overburdened and it’s at the brink of sending fumes out of its ports.

It turns out that KIS is to blame for taking over resources from other applications upon the computer’s start-up process. To clarify, when users installed KIS in their laptops the security software “hijacked” the resources (storage) from default programs like the Operating System (OS) and other start-up applications.

One blogger who suffered this fate found out a workaround to the problem – by undoing the KIS resource hijacking. Basically, he navigated to Kaspersky Internet Security 2015>Settings>Performance>Computer Resources and disabled the options that the KIS turned on by default without the users knowing about it.

The options are:
Concede resources to other applications.

Concede resources to operating system when the computer starts.

We are also surprised to note the dictatorial tone of the options that asks users to surrender or acknowledge resources to other (maybe even insignificant for Kaspersky technocrats) applications.

If you have Kaspersky installed in any of your PCs, it’s time to re-evaluate your product choice and get a more reliable, transparent, and lightweight internet security program such as – you guessed it! – Comodo Internet Security.

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