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August 14, 2018 | By admin
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Security Solution

Gain deeper insights into world-class network security for small enterprises/businesses like yours, the information technology protection for small businesses has become more complex with loads of online threats appearing daily!

Similar to the giants in the space, the small ones too suffer from grave network threats continually from Trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, zero-day attacks, etc. Ensuring the network security demands a well-versed solution which can meet today’s dangers and can adapt to tomorrow’s challenges. Besides defending against such internet perils, the right network security for small business gives you a sigh of relief alongside the other many business benefits, so it better to choose the right antivirus program to steer clear from the dangers.

Small Business Network Security Benefits

  • Presents a fully-guarded e-business foundation
  • Ensures that the industry compliance and government regulations are met
  • Employees can effortlessly access the tools and applications to complete their tasks, whether from inside office or outside
  • Grow the network easily and securely
  • Improve Collaboration, Increase Productivity, and Double the Gains

Aside from these benefits the network security can also help on:

  • Encourage collaboration among staffs as well as with partners, vendors, suppliers, etc by executing a controlled network access
  • Increase productivity by securing network uptime and by resuming instantly from security failures
  • Improve the customer satisfaction by enabling them to access classified data on your network relevant to them

Network Security for Small Businesses:

  • Decreases the risk of losing valuable data from unwanted security breaches
  • Enables the employer to shortlist skilled employees from any part of the globe with full, secure network access (remote teleworkers)
  • Offers staff the flexibility to work from anywhere, round the clock
  • Small businesses can quickly scale up by adding new employees, locations, offices, etc immediately, without the need to redesign their protection system

In the present, small businesses can only grow and become self-sufficient in the space by instantly and securely responding to customer needs. Only big companies with substantial budgets are able to afford for CRM solutions which can effectively manage the complete customer experience from the first contact onward.

Network Security is Secured Only When:

  • When the policies, software, and devices work together to offer all the services unhindered.
  • Dangers are kept away efficiently at each entry point.
  • Automatic adaption to new and developing threats.

Firewall: The Essential Guard

The size doesn’t matter: every company needs a robust firewall to keep a check on the illegal attempts. The protective shield will quickly ward off the dangers without any delays. It may also conduct the good traffic to flow on to your website. The network firewall stops all the questionable actions to guarantee the safety.

Secure E-Mailing and Online Surfing

Given the fact that employees across the globe use the internet to surf and send e-mails, a comprehensive security solution which bundles e-mail security, URL filtering, and Web gateway security is required. It should monitor the content that is going in and going out from the company e-mails. Keep a track of frequently visited websites to ensure no malware threats infect the network.
If you are looking for a robust antivirus apps, antivirus for android or antivirus program, then the Comodo Antivirus can be a best-fit for all your needs. It protects the computer, system files, and absolutely everything within. You can stay rest assured as it offers perfect cover against losing those important things you want to keep. The Comodo antivirus guarantees safe browsing or online shopping and offers android device manager feature to keep track of your device if it gets stolen.

comodo antivirus

comodo antivirus

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