Ransomware. What are they and how to prevent them?

August 11, 2018 | By admin
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What is Ransomware


What is Ransomware?


Ransomware may also be known as ransom-malware is a malicious software which threatens to delete or deny access to data, once it takes over the computer. The cybercriminal demands ransom usually through cryptocurrency or credit card in order to restore the access to the files. The ransomware attacks are becoming very common these days and enterprise data has become more vulnerable to cybercriminals. Thereby, it is important to protect the computer using advanced virus protection software to avoid all types of online dangers.

In this article, we discuss ransomware and its types to provide a reader with a better understanding to steer clear of all types of cyber threats.


How Ransomware Works?


In order to better protect, it is vital to understand how ransomware takes control of a computer.

Basically, a ransomware sneaks into the PC through Phishing Emails disguised as necessary files or software updates. When the victim opens the email or downloads the content, the ransomware stealthily installs itself on the computer and starts running in the background. The Computer user is clueless about what is going on in the background.

The hacker locks up all the important files and denies access to the user. The compromised computer displays a message stating that the files are unavailable and will only become accessible if the victim transfers the ransom through untraceable Bitcoin payment. In order to gain access, a mathematical key is required and it can be provided only by the hacker.

Perceptibly, in the recent years, corporates have been targeted by hackers as it proves convenient for them to make easy big money. A good anti-virus in place can help identify such grave dangers before they arrive. However, if the system defense is breached then it requires a virus removal procedure to be done.

Types of Ransomware

  • Scareware
  • Screen lockers
  • Encrypting Ransomware


The Scareware comes packed with rogue security software and tech support scams.
The computer user receives a pop-up message stating that malware was discovered and the only way to get rid of it is to pay up.

If the user chose to do nothing about it, the system is likely to be bombarded with pop-ups, but the files stored in the system are essentially safe.

If a robust antivirus software program in place then it is easy to watch out for such ransomware infection. A robust security software guarding the PC will help evade such online dangers.

#Screen lockers

As the name suggests, the lock-screen ransomware freezes the PC completely once they get inside. When the user turns on the PC a full-size window will appear, often accompanied by an official-looking FBI or US Department of Justice seal. The message displayed reads that an illegal activity has been recognized on the PC and the user is entitled to pay the fine to restore the actions.

As a matter of fact, FBI does not freeze the user out of their computer or make demands for any money. When such things happen to take an experts guidance to resolve the issue. To avoid it, install an antivirus program today.

#Encrypting Ransomware

The hacker takes control of your files and encrypts them, later demands for the ransom to decrypt and redeliver. This is quite a dangerous as to not many security software are capable enough to restore them to you.

On the other hand, paying the ransom doesn’t mean there is a guarantee that the cybercriminals will give back you those files.


How to Prevent Ransomware?


By following few best security practices a user can prevent ransomware infection. Improve your defenses and stay safe from all types of online threats by rigorously following these guidelines:

  • Always update your operating system and keep it patched
  • Never install software from unknown sources or give administrative privileges
  • Install an antivirus software, that can effectively detect malicious software
  • Back up your files, regularly and automatically

Comodo Antivirus software is available for both commercial and personal use. It incorporates all other security features which are required to safeguard your PC from numerous online threats.


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