What is a Trojan Horse Virus? And How to Remove Trojan Virus

May 3, 2018 | By admin
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Trojan Horse Virus

Trojan horse is a type of malware created by hackers to look more like a legitimate software. It attaches itself to genuine files that are downloaded from the internet. Trojan horses find their way to the victims’ system through some social engineering tricks to load and run the trojans on the victim’s system. Once the Trojans find its place, it empowers the hackers to extract users’ information without their knowledge and creates a backdoor for them to gain granular access to the system.

How Trojan horses Perform

  1. Delete Data
  2. Modify / Alter Data
  3. Block Data
  4. Copy Data
  5. Interrupts the regular performance of the system or networks

Unlike viruses, Trojan horses are not created to spread themselves in the infected system, however, it is downloaded either as a payload of some other virus files or as a malicious file from the internet. Other than stealing the users’ information from the infected system, it can also download malicious content onto the infected system. Traditional anti-viruses are not much effective to shoo away the Trojan horses, hence removing trojan horses manually come in handy.

Follow the simple steps to remove the Trojans manually

Identify the Trojan – once the Trojan horse is identified from an infected file, it becomes easier to remove the Trojans. When the system is infected with the Trojan attack, it gives a DLL error. You can further do a research on the affected .exe file online.

Terminate the system restore function – this is to avoid the system from restoring files that are already deleted.

Restart the computer – Press F8 and then choose the safe mode to start the system

Add or Remove Programs – This option is available in the control panel, users can remove trojan infected programs.

Remove the extensions – This is done by deleting all the program files from the Windows System folder.

Sometimes, Removing a Trojan Horse from the infected system manually cannot always be the right option. So it is essential to equip the system with a future-proof antivirus or a virus protection software to help users stay ahead of trojan attacks.

Comodo Internet Security provides the user with smart and robust protection techniques that help any individual or an organization with virus removal and to stay ahead of threats. It features containment technology to run any unknown files in a virtual environment to ensure hassle-free user experience, integrated firewall to filter out the threats from entering the system, effective cloud-based best antivirus to scan, detect and remove the known threats, Spyware scanning, Secure Shopping, Live Virus Removal, and Defense + Technology which works together to drive away any possible trojans from entering the system. This security product from Comodo is user-friendly, not just for tech-savvy but also for regular PC users. This security system is efficient as it integrates multiple security technologies all in one product.

comodo antivirus

comodo antivirus

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