Cloud Security and Traditional IT Should Go Hand in Hand

April 28, 2017 | By admin
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Cloud security is the order of the day, the trend and the need of our times. Enterprises today spend much on cloud antivirus and cloud security, but with many enterprises finding the right balance between cloud security and traditional IT continues to be an issue.

Ask any security expert or trade analyst and you’d be told that cloud security demands blending the old with the new. Well, this is something that proves to be a challenge, sort of a political challenge for many enterprises of today.

Enterprises today desire for solid cloud security and seek to find the best approach and technology. They do find the best approach, the best technology, but that alone wouldn’t be enough. Cloud security, to be achieved in the most effective way, should have different departments across IT coming together. Departments focusing on cloud computing and legacy should go hand in hand. But in most enterprises today, this becomes a difficult thing to achieve. Those who build and deploy clouds seem to be keeping themselves away from traditional IT. They wouldn’t like to include traditional systems in the design and deployment of cloud security.

It’s to be remembered that breaches always occur through the weakest security link in a network. So if your cloud-based systems are perfectly secured, it doesn’t mean you are totally secure. Your traditional systems could provide side doors for attackers to enter your cloud-based systems as well. This because legacy IT systems, which might have security holes, most often connect to cloud systems and thereby undermine the overall security of an enterprise. Still, instead of taking this aspect seriously, people would take to blaming one another. It’s often seen that those responsible for cloud security and those taking care of the legacy IT systems would decline to cooperate. The results? It affects the organization’s overall security posture.

Just remember this one thing. Website Security is paramount for any organization today, so it’s most important that all involved- cloud security guys as well as legacy IT personnel- get together to work on security aspects. Yes, cloud security and traditional IT should definitely go hand in hand…

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