Do You Know How to Deal with Adware?

September 2, 2014 | By admin
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ad3E-Commerce is becoming a greater part of the economy every day. This year, for the first time, businesses spent more on web advertising than on television ads.

Web ads can be annoying, but they have become an essential part of the Internet ecosystem, funding quality and popular content that would otherwise be available only for subscription or not at all.

Unfortunately, adware can be intrusive and even malicious. Criminals are increasingly using infected advertising banners to download malicious software to your computer and/or take you to a malicious web site. It’s your browser and your computer. It is your right to control what is displayed and downloaded. The following is some advice to sensibly control the situation.

Adware stands as a major problem:

  • When it gets installed on your PC without your knowledge
  • When it seizes your web browser to present more ads
  • When it gathers and shares your web browsing information with your knowledge
  • It is difficult to uninstall

Steps to keep your PC from Infection?

  • Do not download unauthorized software from unauthorized sites
  • While installing a software please read the information and then click the Next button
  • Use a web browser that is safe and secure with regular security updates
  • Check on websites for Https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)- which means the website is secured by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol


Effects of adware:

  • Slows down the internet speeds
  • Slows down the processing speed of the PC
  • Interference of unwanted toolbars
  • Changes of browser homepage and search results
  • Some customized ads are found on webpages and by clicking them, you end up downloading more malware at the back end.

What can you do?

Comodo Dragon and IceDragon are free browsers that provide unique security and privacy protection, including protection from malvertising.

Comodo browser

comodo antivirus

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