Is Installing a Firewall Optional?

October 6, 2014 | By admin
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Computer Security Pyramid - CopyYou may notice that some antivirus come with a firewall and some do not. If you us the Comodo Internet Security Suite you have the option of install the antivirus and firewall components separately. That may raise a question in your mind. Do I need both an antivirus and a firewall?

The short answer is yes, you do need a firewall on your computer. A firewall provides important intruder protections.

This raises a second question: if it is needed then why does Comodo make it optional?

Because Comodo believes that you, the computer user, know what’s best to meet your computing and security needs. For example, while we believe that the Comodo Firewall is demonstrably superior to the best firewall that comes with Windows, older systems with hardware and memory restrictions may perform better with the Windows firewall. We want those users to have the option of taking advantage of Comodo Antivirus with minimal changes to their current configuration.

In some cases, upgrading to Comodo Antivirus and staying with the Windows firewall may provide a reasonable balance between security and performance considerations.

This is particularly true because the Windows Essential antivirus provides only the most minimal protection. For Comodo, a so called “blacklist “of known virus and malware threats is only one line of defense. It is used to identity and deal with known threats, but we also use a whitelist of files known to be safe and behavior analysis to identity threats. Even if a threat cannot be clearly identified because our unique default deny architecture with autosandboxing provides a last line of defense that ensures that no malicious program will have access to your system.
With Windows 8 Antivirus, however, the blacklist is the ONLY line of defense. If it fails, and it is only a matter of time, your computer will be compromised by a threat.

This is why we would say that if you have to make a choice between a firewall and Comodo Antivirus you should pick Antivirus. It is a layer of protection can address threats that get past the firewall.

Remember, though, we have been discussing circumstances where your computer may have limitations, such as with an older computer, and you are having performance issues. If that is not the case, we recommend that you simply use the best possible combination of firewall and antivirus protection.
That would be Comodo.

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