Multi-layered security approach against ransomware

May 13, 2016 | By admin
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Ransomware – the name spells disaster for businesses sometimes. Many are the business ventures worldwide that have had to face disastrous losses following ransomware strikes. Hence, combating ransomware is something that entrepreneurs all the world around accord top priority at a time when internet security means a lot. The multi-layered approach as regards internet security assures complete virus protection and system security has come as a great relief to all ransomware-affected organizations.

What’s ransomware?

Ransomware is one among the various kinds of malware on the prowl in cyberspace. Like other malware that thwart system and internet security, ransomware too can be installed on a system or on the systems in a network without anyone knowing about it. The ransomware then works on the system in such a way that its proper working is affected and restricted. Sometimes it just goes on to encrypt files on the system or the internet; the encrypted files cannot be decrypted and thus the working of the system or network is totally affected. Finally, those affected would be forced to pay a ransom to get themselves free from the clutches of the ransomware that has wreaked havoc on their system/network. Hence the name ransomware.

There have been many instances when ransomware strike had affected file access, browsers, applications etc in many business organizations. Recently in the news were ransomware strikes in the US healthcare industry. It was a ransomware strike that made the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles pay $17,000 as ransom, to get their network back on track. The Methodist Hospital of Henderson, Kentucky had to declare an internal emergency after its network was infected with the Locky ransomware. Such ransomware attacks happen very frequently these days, all across the world.


How the multi-layered security approach works

As already stated, the multi-layered security approach is now seen as the best way to battle ransomware. So, how does the multi-layered approach work? Let’s begin by understanding the processes that these different layers comprise of-

  • A systematic analysis of the metadata as well as of the content of the files is done. The files are compared to all known variants in the malware database.

  • The next step is testing the files in an emulator, a virtual computer, following which the behaviour of the files is assessed using different techniques.

  • The behavioural assessments of the files, done in real time and behind the scenes, makes it possible to detect if it’s infected by any kind of ransomware.

  • As soon as the malware presence is detected, the infected file is quarantined and then the infection is removed, thereby not giving the ransomware the scope to restrict or affect the working of the system or network.

The multi-layered security approach can also be simply summed up using three words- prevention, detection, and response.

Well, in the times of all kinds of advanced internet security threats and malware attacks, it’s definitely advisable to go for the multi-layered security approach to battle ransomware, the extremely devastating malware that has been posing a grave threat to organizations and entrepreneurs all across the world.

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