Using an Antivirus Program for Your Mac is Important

January 30, 2017 | By admin
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There is the notion among some Mac users that the Mac is immune to viruses and other “nasty things” that are common in the Windows world and hence there is no need of using an antivirus for Mac. Well, let’s examine as to how true this is and also if using Mac antivirus is important…

Mac antivirus


Ask any expert and you’d get the answer that the Mac definitely isn’t immune to viruses, Trojans, adware, spyware and other malware. But the thing to be noted is that no successful viruses that have been written for the Mac OS have shown up in the wild, i.e., outside of a security research organization. But there are viruses that are written for Mac and though it’s much more difficult to bring down a Mac with a virus than it is to bring down a Windows device, it isn’t impossible.

To be remembered is the fact that the Mac OS and all applications that are included in it (even third-party applications) have security issues that can allow attacks from some of the sophisticated malware that can lead to data being erased, personal information being stolen or Mac usage being blocked. The attack could happen in any form- through a website, through phishing emails etc. Thus it becomes important that you use an antivirus program on your Mac.

Why antivirus for Mac?

There are many valid reasons that support the usage of antivirus on Mac.
That virus protection programs don’t just provide protection against known viruses is to be taken note of. Antivirus software also have anti-phishing, anti-adware, anti-spyware, anti-malware and other tools that can give additional protection to your Mac. Such tools help protect your Mac from all kinds of threats that happen when you browse the web or open email attachments or download apps.

Mac Antivirus would always be a good option since using a Mac security app, though it may sound like a good idea, may not be in fact as effective as you think. Mac security apps could turn out to be poor performers and hence an AV program may help you secure your Mac better.

Your Mac may not be attacked by a virus, but there is the possibility that you could forward, from your Mac, phishing emails with malware in them or virus-laden Excel sheets to others. This can be avoided if you have an effective Mac antivirus, which would detect and clean such threats and help you and those in your loop (friends, colleagues etc) as well.

All said and done, it’s to be noted that being security conscious is the best defense than any antivirus for Mac or any other security software. Understand the threats, have a clear idea as to what all could cause risk to your Mac and be aware of the changes that are happening in the world of malware and cyber security. This, plus the usage of an effective antivirus for Mac, could help you attain maximum possible security for your Mac.

comodo antivirus

comodo antivirus

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