Why You Need Antivirus Software for Your Android Devices

August 5, 2015 | By admin
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Antivirus software

Viruses attack your operating system in different ways, and all operating systems are vulnerable, including Windows and Android. While the early concern of infection was limited to desktop computers, recent malware alerts for Android mobile devices are growing harder to ignore

To protect your android devices—and yourself—we strongly recommend that you install a trusted antivirus software on your machine.

Why is Android Vulnerable to Malware?
Malware is “malicious software” written specifically to gain access to or damage a computer.
The source code behind Google’s Android is under open source licenses, making an Android mobile device more virus-prone. While many consider Windows to be more susceptible to malware, the threat to Android remains considerable.

How does Antivirus Software work?
The most common method of malware detection is signature-based detection, which uses a database of “signatures” which the antivirus engine uses to compare the device’s current contents against known malware. This signature database is updated through an internet connection, which ensures that your device uses the most up-to-date signature database. After a system scan, if a file on your device matches with a record in the database, that file is then moved into a restricted area where it cannot impact the device. Once the removal instructions are given, the virus is then removed.

Benefits of Antivirus against Android Viruses:

  • Protection: You use your Android device for banking transactions, saving and sharing images, sending and receiving personal messages, and more. All of these activities, and the sensitive information contained, can be hacked. Android Antivirus software protects your devices against malware attacks. It disarms, detects, blocks and eliminates malicious software programs.
  • Web Content Filtering: Antivirus software warns you before accessing risky websites.
  • Network Protection: Antivirus software prevents unauthorized access to Wi-Fi.
  • Anti-spam and email virus scan: Risky emails are detected before you open a phishing scam message.
  • The software focuses on real-time protection and scans for infectious code in files and SD cards
  • Antivirus software safeguards all of your personal information from unauthorized apps.
  • Antivirus software provides you with day to day, automatic updates based on virus-type

Antivirus for Android

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