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"Internet security suite offers great virtualization, useful sandbox and virtual desktop" - Sept 2014 PC Advisor

"Comodo is the most bulletproof firewall for Windows"
2014 Top Ten Reviews

"Comodo's full-fledged security suite is more of an anti-malware stallion, and if overall scan speed were the Kentucky Derby, this would be the thoroughbred to bet on. It took Comodo nearly 15 minutes to initially sweep through our test bed, but on the next lap, Comodo turned on the jets and raced through our files in just over a minute. At such a breakneck speed, we wondered if Comodo was cutting corners and would fold once we bombarded it with malicious files. It didn't."  (May 2010)

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Expert Testing and
Validation by Matousec.com

"Proactive Security Challenge tests make a big difference between really good products and the rest of the world. Most of the products are filtered in very low levels which means that they probably miss some critical features."   – Matousec.com

Proactive Security Challenge chart
Proactive Security Challenge Results
Comodo Internet Security 4.0
0 out of 148 tests failed View Report (pdf)
Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 86%
Norton Internet Security 2010 40%
BitDefender Internet Security 2010 24%
Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2010 9%
avast! Internet Security 5.0 3%
McAfee Internet Security 2010 3%

Learn more about Proactive Security Challenge   |   Read Matousec's Full Report on Comodo (pdf)
Proactive Security Challenge award

Testing for Real World Usage

Matousec.com examines security software for Windows OS with an application-based security model, specifically Internet Security suites. Tested products are configured to their highest usable security settings and tested with this configuration only, whereby the highest security settings are those that the user is able to set without advanced knowledge of the operating system. This means that the user, with the skills and knowledge we assume, is able to go through all forms of the graphic user interface of the product and enable or disable or choose among several therein given options, but is not technically savvy to manage names of devices, directories, files, registry entries etc. to add to some table of protected objects manually, not even if such a configuration is suggested on the product's support forum or website.

There are several testing levels in Proactive Security Challenge. Each level contains a selected set of tests and it also contains a score limit that is necessary to pass this level. Total of 148 tests are performed that include the following:

  • Leak-test: Leak-tests attempt to send data to the Internet server, this is called leaking.
  • Spying test: These tests attempt to spy on users' input or data. Keyloggers and packet sniffers are typical examples of spying tests.
  • Autorun test: These tests attempt to install to the system in order to ensure they will be started again. The most common goal in case of these tests is to survive the reboot.
  • System integrity test: One of the roles of security suites is to protect the system integrity from malicious modifications.
  • Self-defense test: This category of tests include various attacks against the security product itself.
  • Other: Tests that do not fit any of the previously defined types are of this type. These tests, for example, may check stability, reliability or other quality of the tested product.

Learn more about Matousec's methodology and rules.

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