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"Internet security suite offers great virtualization, useful sandbox and virtual desktop" - Sept 2014 PC Advisor

"Comodo is the most bulletproof firewall for Windows"
2014 Top Ten Reviews

"Comodo's full-fledged security suite is more of an anti-malware stallion, and if overall scan speed were the Kentucky Derby, this would be the thoroughbred to bet on. It took Comodo nearly 15 minutes to initially sweep through our test bed, but on the next lap, Comodo turned on the jets and raced through our files in just over a minute. At such a breakneck speed, we wondered if Comodo was cutting corners and would fold once we bombarded it with malicious files. It didn't."  (May 2010)

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How Defense + Works

Antivirus products were created in the 1980s to clean infected computers and years later the technology remains the same. Unfortunately; viruses have become more sophisticated and Antivirus products can only clean viruses they know about, they cannot protect you from unknown threats. Even though virus signatures are updated every few minutes this simply is not enough to protect users. Virus sophistication is increasing; viruses are now being designed to conceal themselves so they are not detectable.

Comodo Internet Security is unique. Comodo uses advanced Heuristic methods to predict if a file is a virus. Heuristics allows Comodo products to not only detect and clean known viruses but to sort through every file that attempts to run on your computer to identify whether unknown files are unsafe and may threaten your security.

Comodo's patent-pending Default Deny Protection™ ensures all files are analyzed ensuring that not only known threats but potentially harmful files are restricted from damaging your computer. The result is unmatched protection without constant user interruptions.

How it Works
First files are analyzed against a robust blacklist of known threats followed by a dynamic list of known safe files, a "Whitelist". Files not on either list are treated as suspicious and automatically restricted.
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These potentially hazardous files are allowed only to run with limited rights in a virtual environment (Sandbox) where malware can't damage Windows or other critical areas.
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The result is unmatched protection which can detect all current threats as well as predict if a file may be a future threat. All this is accomplished without requiring the user to make decisions that can affect their security.

Key Components of Comodo's Unique System


Defense+™ is a Host Intrusion Prevention System, commonly known as HIPS, which analyzes every file that attempts to run on your computer, first eliminating known viruses using traditional antivirus tools, next reviewing files against a list of safe applications, identifying those that fall into a "grey" area. These grey files are then sent to the Comodo Auto Sandbox where they are sent to Comodo Labs for evaluation. In traditional Antivirus software, files that fall into a grey area may be reported to the user to decide whether the file should run, Comodo does this automatically.

Auto Sandbox Technology™

Auto Sandbox Technology™ is Comodo's new patent pending technology which closed the gap left by traditional Antivirus software. This technology automatically restricts grey or unknown files by running them in a secure virtual environment, without interrupting user activity. Many products will request that the user make decisions on questionable files, forcing them to make critical decisions that could expose them to malware. Now users are automatically protected from Zero Day attacks and threats that have not yet even been identified without the guesswork.


Comodo own Antivirus lab works to ensure that the signatures that are used to detect blacklisted files are constantly up to date as well as continually updating the list of safe files. The information collected on grey or unknown files from the Auto Sandbox helps to continuously improve the detection of Blacklist files and improve the Whitelist of known safe files.

White List

The White List is a dynamic list of safe files; this list is based on file signing which means that the files are signed by the creator using a certificate that is only available from a registered Certificate Authority like Comodo. Combining Comodo's leadership in certificates with Internet Security is a good match; it allows the Whitelist to grow each day.

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