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"Internet security suite offers great virtualization, useful sandbox and virtual desktop" - Sept 2014 PC Advisor

"Comodo is the most bulletproof firewall for Windows"
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"Comodo's full-fledged security suite is more of an anti-malware stallion, and if overall scan speed were the Kentucky Derby, this would be the thoroughbred to bet on. It took Comodo nearly 15 minutes to initially sweep through our test bed, but on the next lap, Comodo turned on the jets and raced through our files in just over a minute. At such a breakneck speed, we wondered if Comodo was cutting corners and would fold once we bombarded it with malicious files. It didn't."  (May 2010)

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Comodo's Innovative Defense+Technology

"The best product tested against the latest set of tests ... with the perfect 100% score"


"Many of our visitors were eager about results of Comodo Internet Security against the latest set of tests in Proactive Security Challenge. And finally, the results are here! Comodo Internet Security goes on the top again with the perfect result. Congratulations!"   – Matousec.com

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Default Deny Protection

The days of opening the door to all applications on the Internet is no longer acceptable. Users no longer know what applications can be trusted - the security model of allowing all applications to run and catching unsafe applications later is no longer practical in today’s environment where threat sophistication and zero day exposure are increasing.

Traditional Antivirus was built on a Default Allow Technology; a technology which allows both known and unknown files to execute on your computer.

Allowing unknown applications to execute on your computer is dangerous. Why? Because unknown applications can exist in two states; safe or unsafe. Traditional Antivirus products cannot recognize if unknown applications are safe or unsafe.
So, what happens when an unknown application executes on your computer? The answer could be you are infected with a virus! Are you prepared to take the risk of infection with traditional Antivirus products that operate on a Default Allow Technology? It is time to switch to an innovative solution; one which operates on Default Deny Technology™.

Comodo Internet Security is the best Antivirus solution on the market guaranteed. Comodo has implemented an innovative Default Deny Technology™ this technology by default challenges any unknown applications from executing on your computer.
How? By first launching unknown applications in a secure virtual environment where they cannot harm your computer if they are malicious. This model ensures only good applications will run on your computer, everything else will be denied access.

Auto Sandbox Technology

The problem with other sandbox technology is that the user must determine if a file requires sandbox protection. Comodo has solved this problem with its' patent pending Auto Sandbox Technology™. Comodo has created a technological "Sandbox" that does not leave the decision in the hands of the user. Instead it automatically runs an unknown application in an isolated environment without having the ability to cause any damage to your computer.

Comodo offers users the best of both worlds, allowing the user to actually run an unknown application while still protecting the computer. That's Comodo Innovation.

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