What Is The Most Dangerous Malware?

Every malware is bad. It cripples your PC(s). Only the degree or the extent of damage caused varies. In other words, some malware is more severe than others. The damage caused can range from just loss of files to total loss of security. Bearing this in mind, we've created a list of the most damaging malware based on our experience in dealing with security threats and the vast amount of security intelligence gathered over the years. [Please note: this is not the exact list. In fact, no security firm can draw such an exact list, considering the rapidly changing cybersecurity threat landscape of today].

Best Program To Remove Malware
  1. Bootkit Malware: Probably the most dangerous form of malware which exists as of today. Simply put, bootkit malware can infect your PC(s) even before they boot up. In other words, bootkits infect flash BIOS (basic input/output system), causing the malware to be loaded even before the OS loads. This means removing this malware can be pretty tough.
  2. Rootkit Malware: The next most dangerous malware. As the name suggests, this malware gets to the root of your computer (technically speaking, gains admin privileges). Just like bootkits, this malware is hard to detect and eliminate unless you have a powerful security tool like Comodo Internet Security (CIS). An example of rootkit-enabled malware is Storm worm.
  3. Overwriting Malware: This malware does not just infect but modifies the files it infects in a way they can never be reverted (or recovered) back to its original form. Therefore be it a file or folder or your entire drive's content, the files which get infected or deleted are usually lost forever.
  4. Ransomware: Malware which gained immense popularity in 2016 and 2017 when it brought the whole world to a standstill for a few months. If you are wondering what it really does, ransomware typically encrypts all or specific files within the infected system and then demands the victim to pay up a ransom for unlocking it. WannaCry is probably one of the most notorious ransomware the world has seen so far.
  5. Backdoors: This malware which is dependant on a software loophole – they make use of 'legitimate backdoors' to software built by manufacturers to provide quick fixes – allows the attacker to disguise as the legitimate logged in user and take adverse actions like installing spyware, keyloggers, password stealers etc.,
  6. Keyloggers: This malware keeps tabs on your keyboard activity. Whatever that is typed using your keyboard gets stored away in a file, which is later transferred to remotely operating hackers, who either sell the captured information on the dark web or misuse it to their own advantage.

Antivirus Protection Is Key

All kinds of malware can be prevented by installing antivirus software. With the use of security features like virtual desktops, anti-keyloggers, regular and comprehensive scanning, antivirus packages ensure your PC(s) stay secure, not just against malware threats but zero-day attacks too. Use antivirus, stay secure.

Best Program To Remove Malware – Comodo Internet Security (CIS)

Comodo's best program to remove malware or in other words CIS comes equipped with impressive security features which not only offer the best real-time protection to your PC(s) but also offers unlimited expert malware removal support in case of malware infections. But using CIS, chances of your PC getting infected are pretty less in the first place! Because it offers solid PC protection.

Security features like Comodo's unique Default Deny Approach for checking unknown applications, Containment for running and testing unknown applications, Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) for PC protection, and Viruscope for monitoring the various processes which run on your PC, the chances of malware threats and even zero-day attacks infecting your PC(s) are very less. All these provisions make CIS the best program to remove malware in the cybersecurity industry.

CIS, the best program to remove malware, contains the following features:

  • Default Deny Approach - technology unique to and developed by Comodo which ensures all files (be it malicious, good or bad) are denied entry to critical system files and folders until they prove themselves to be harmless. This is extremely useful to counter zero-day attacks which are usually unpredictable and therefore unresolvable.
  • HIPS and Viruscope - Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) which impose security rules for preventing malware intrusion and establishing an intrusion prevention system. And Viruscope for monitoring system processes and stopping or undoing any malicious activity which might be infecting one of these processes.
  • Cloud-Based Malware Analysis - cloud-based system scans to detect if a given file is malware or not. Another useful provision for combating zero-day malware.
  • Advanced Firewall Engine* - The customizable firewall offers solid security against inbound and outbound threats. This implies protection against hackers, malware, identity theft and various other network security threats. (available only with CIS Premium Free)
  • Unlimited Virus Removal Service* - PC users are infected with the virus and other such malware, can get their PC(s) repaired in no time by making use of the unlimited malware removal service which is a part of Comodo Internet Security (CIS) (available only with priced CIS editions)
  • 24/7 Available Support* - Comodo Internet Security (CIS) users are also bestowed with the privilege of seeking the support's assistance anytime. All PC users have to do is just give us a call and our support team will be glad to help you out (available only with priced CIS editions).
  • And Much More* - apart from this, there are several other technologies which come equipped with Comodo Free Antivirus which tackle malware as well as zero-day attacks effectively (available only with priced CIS editions).

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