Best Security Suite - How CIS Helps your IT Firm?

Comodo Internet Security (CIS) which relies on Default Deny Approach is one of the best security suite available in the IT security industry today. In this blog, let's take a look at one of the reasons why we have no hesitation in calling CIS as one of the best security suites in the IT security industry. It's because CIS makes use of Containment technology.

It's the Containment technology which makes Comodo's Default Deny Approach a reality. Default Deny Approach is the process of denying all applications (be it good, bad or unknown) access to the system's critical files or folders until they prove themselves to be harmless. It's an extremely efficient way of combating malware and zero-day threats.

Now, this Default Deny Approach would not be possible without Containment technology. So what exactly is Containment and why is it so critical to Comodo's Default Deny Approach. Let take a look at the answers.

Best Internet Security Suite

What Is Containment Technology?

Simply put, Containment is the process of running unknown applications (which may be good or bad) inside containers until they prove themselves to be harmless. In other words, containers are virtual spaces (replicating the working environment) which even if malware infects, the malware won't be able to have any effect on the real computer. Containers are a great way to keep malware off computers within a network.

Modifying Containment Settings

PC users have the option of modifying Comodo's Containment technology to suit their requirements. Basically there are 3 criteria to go by: Settings, Rules and Baseline, using which PC users can choose to enable/disable Containment technology, configure Containment rules (example: whether you want Containment technology to apply to 'any' file or just 'unrecognized files') that would apply, and decide the number of hours after which the unknown files collected within these Containers will get dispatched to Valkyrie for instant malware analysis respectively.

4 Different Ways or Modes Of Containing Applications

Applications can be contained within CIS containers in 4 different ways or modes. They can be:

  • Run Virtually – applications are completely isolated from user's operating system
  • Run Restricted – applications get restricted access to operating system's resources
  • Block (ed) - applications are completely prevented from running
  • Ignore (d) - applications are run outside the container without any restrictions

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