Why Cheapest Antivirus is Usually Not Effective?

Nothing comes for cheap in the world that we live. Everything has a price tag associated with it. And if at all, you get anything for free, then it's usually not without a catch. The same applies to antivirus packages as well. Usually the cheapest antivirus packages in the cyber security market claim they give protection against all kinds of malware threats including zero-day attacks, but in reality, they don't.

Your device will still be vulnerable to security threats, your device will be still missing vital layers of much-needed security, and the only consolation to you would be the fact that you bought the cheapest antivirus in the cybersecurity market. The fact that it does little to protect your device will begin to grow on your eventually – but by that time, the damage would have been done!

Cheapest Antivirus

Comodo Offers What It Promises, Not A Marketing Gimmick

Comodo Internet Security (CIS) which comes in 4 different versions – Antivirus Advanced, Internet Security Pro, Internet Security Complete and GeekBuddy with Internet Security Complete – along with a free version (Premium) as well! Considering the impressive security features it offers and its moderate pricing, CIS is, without doubt, one of the cheapest antivirus packages available in the cybersecurity market. Now, let's take a look at the pricing details.

Comodo Internet Security (CIS) Premium – Absolutely Free!

CIS Premium, which is available absolutely free, comes equipped with impressive security features like secure shopping, protection against fileless malware, automatic antivirus updates and more, which are more than enough to protect a security-cautious PC user from various security threats. But for those rash or gullible PC users, CIS priced editions would suit better.

CIS Antivirus Advanced – Available for Only $19.99!

Moderately priced at only $19.99, the two significant features of CIS antivirus advanced are 'unlimited product support' and 'unlimited live expert virus removal'. CIS Advanced focuses more on providing PC users like you the much-needed backup, in case of a known malware infection or an unknown zero-day attack. This means, even if your PC gets infected, our security experts will be at your disposal, to help you out.

CIS Pro – Available for Only $29.99!

At only $29.99 CIS Pro comes with a $500 virus-free guarantee. Which means, in case our product support fails to remove the malware which has infected your computer, Comodo will return up to $500 in repair costs. In other words, Comodo will reimburse you for your loss, in the rare event of our experts failing to remove the malware which has infected your computer.

GeekBuddy With CIS Complete – Available for Only $129.99!

The final version and the most enhanced version – available for only $129.99 – GeekBuddy with Internet Security Complete, comes integrated with GeekBuddy, the dedicated Tech Support from Comodo. The advantage of using this CIS edition is that PC users can approach Comodo security experts for any issue related to their PC(s) – not just malware infections.


As you can see, Comodo Internet Security (CIS) is the cheapest antivirus – CIS Premium is free, can it get any cheaper than this! - available in the cybersecurity market. And its every edition offers something more than its predecessor. Which means, for once, the so-called 'cheapest antivirus is indeed effective' and is available only with Comodo Security Solutions.

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Cheapest Antivirus In The Cyber Security Market