Computer Antivirus Software's Significance

Your computer is not secure without antivirus. Period. This means no matter how much technology improves, no matter how many OS(es) – be it Windows, Linux, Mac or others – come up with their own inbuilt security tools, your computer will not be immune to security threats – unless it is protected by a dedicated computer antivirus software. Why, you ask? Let's take a look at the answers.

Computer Antivirus Software
  • Inbuilt Security Systems Are Predictable: Since inbuilt security systems are associated with the respective OS, they become easily predictable over time. All the hacking community has to do is study the OS to crack its inbuilt security system. Unfortunately, this can be done pretty easily. In other words, to be unpredictable, the security system should be separate from the OS and not inbuilt.
  • Inbuilt Security Systems Offer Only Baseline Protection: It has been proved by many security experts through various security tests that many OS inbuilt security systems offer only baseline or minimal protection which is more often than not, not enough. Because, well, baseline security is no security at all in today's dangerous cybersecurity landscape.

How Do You Use Your Computer Also Matters

If you're a simple surfer, who only uses the internet for checking mails and social networking sites, then maybe inbuilt security system will suffice. But if you're someone who downloads torrent related files, then a dedicated computer antivirus software is an absolute must. In other words, it unwise to attempt risk-involved surfing without antivirus installed in your computer.

Antivirus Offer The Last Line Of Defense

Of course, free antivirus software alone may not be enough. But think of it this way: something is better than nothing. And that something is definitely better than depending on a vulnerable OS inbuilt security system. Above all, remember that the core technology would be the same for both free and paid versions. Therefore it's better to at least have a free antivirus installed than have no antivirus at all.

About Comodo's Computer Antivirus Software

Comodo antivirus, which makes use of Default Deny Approach, is the best Computer Antivirus Software in the security industry that protects your PC(s) effectively against the evolving malware with minimal fuss and maximum protection. It is one of those few computer antivirus software which offers top-notch security features like Containment, Auto-Sandboxing, HIPS, Viruscope (unique to Comodo) for free.

Security Features offered by Comodo

  • Restricts and Restrains Unknown/Untested Files or Applications: Comodo Antivirus's Default Deny Approach materializes via 'Containment technology' which ensures all unknown files/applications are run within restricted and restrained virtual containers so that they don't affect your original PC(s). The virtual containers get affected by the attacks, not your PC.
  • Regulates File or Application Access: Comodo Antivirus also implements what is known as 'HIPS' (Host Intrusion Prevention System) to regulate the access to certain critical system files or applications within your PC which when infected have the ability to crash your PC. For example, you get the rights to configure the rule set for running various executables within your PC.
  • Prevents Processes Which Have Gone Rogue From Taking Action: What if you've been infected despite being protected by antivirus? Comodo Antivirus via 'Viruscope' technology ensures PC users are equipped with the capability to undo processes within your PC which might have gone rogue – that is, have become infected.
  • Employs Secure or Protected Environments: Comodo Antivirus makes use of secured environments or environments protected against security threats – virtual desktop, secure shopping (available only with Comodo Internet Security (CIS)) – that add an additional layer of security to your PC(s), offering solid protection against different forms of security threats.
  • Scans Your PC(s) Even Before It Boots Up: Since many a malware infection happens during boot up process, Comodo Antivirus comes equipped with 'Rescue Disk' feature, which is responsible for running virus scans in a pre-boot environment – that is, before Window loads. Security measure which is pretty effective against not just malware attacks but zero-day threats too.

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