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Online Antivirus Scan - Why is needed?

Living in an age where it is raining security threats, PC users have to be cautious while online. Viruses, trojans, malware, various other types of infections assail our PC(s) constantly if it is not protected well. This means PC users need at least the basic form of protection in the form of antivirus that scans devices to keep security threats at bay.

Free Virus Scan

What Does Antivirus Do?

When users install antivirus, they are protected against various types of malware, and in some cases, even against zero-day threats. Although they usually don't take any action against malware, they are 'much-needed efficient blockers', that try their best to keep the malware away from your PC. In other words, they are much-needed defense system PC users cannot survive without.

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How Does Antivirus Offer Protection?

Via scanning and detection. These are the two main techniques which antivirus(es) heavily rely on to protect PC(s). They keep scanning the systems constantly in the background, looking for malware existence, as PC users go about doing their activities. Modern-day antiviruses are so good that they don't even slow down the system or affect its performance in any way.

Types of Virus Scanning

  1. On Access Scans
  2. Full System Scans

Antivirus software typically scans PC(s) in two different ways: via on-access scans and full system scans. Full system scans are usually performed when antivirus is first installed on PC(s). Whereas on access scanning usually happens when PC users try accessing a file or program. It's a real-time scanning option, widely employed today by antiviruses, which ensures malware is detected real-time. Then there's the heuristics scanning option which looks for unusual behavior and blocks them.

Antivirus software(s) usually keep a list of virus definitions aka signature definitions – the pattern associated with a specific virus or malware – and keep updating them regularly in order become aware against the latest malware signature which surfaces from the malware community.

So every time a computer is up against a malware, the antivirus package refers to these list of antivirus signatures and takes the appropriate action.

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Comodo Antivirus, which comes equipped with several impressive security features, is easily one of the best free antivirus packages available in the IT security market, which can protect PC users against not just different types of malware but can offer strong resistance against zero-day threats too based on the impressive cybersecurity threat intelligence it has gathered over the years.

Security Features:

Comodo Antivirus contains the following security features:

  • Default Deny Approach – technology unique to and developed by Comodo which ensures all files (be it malicious, good or bad) are denied entry to system critical files until they prove themselves harmless. This is extremely useful considering most of the attacks of today which are proving extremely successful are zero-day (unpredictable) attacks.
  • HIPS and Viruscope – efficient internal computer monitoring system to prevent malicious activities. PC users also have the option of not only detecting unauthorized actions but undoing them as well with the use of viruscope (another technology which is unique to Comodo).
  • Cloud-Based Malware Analysis – for quick and efficient analysis of malware which paves way for quick malware verdict.
  • And Much More– apart from this, there are several other technologies which come equipped with Comodo Antivirus that tackle malware effectively.

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