Antivirus Software Reviews

Every PC needs antivirus security. Because without antivirus, your PC(s) can run into trouble quickly considering the number of cybersecurity threats raining down on us. Therefore in this blog, let's take a look at some of the best antivirus software available in the IT security market so that PC users like you end up choosing the right antivirus program.

List of free antivirus software reviews

  1. Comodo Antivirus
  2. McAfee
  3. Kaspersky
  4. Avast
  5. Bitdefender
Antivirus Software Reviews

    Comodo Antivirus - 5 out of 5 Stars: Comodo antivirus tops the list. It's the only antivirus software which is totally free and yet packs a forceful punch. It comes equipped with their unique Default Deny Approach which treats all unknown files as potential threats. Many antivirus software(s) assume unknown files to be safe, but this is not the case with Comodo. One of the reasons why it occupies the number 1 spot.

    • Containment - which restricts unknown 'files' and executes them in a separate, secure environment.
    • Host Intrusion Protection System (HIPS) - scans your PC(s) and checks for any malicious activity and prevents it from affecting your PC(s).
    • Viruscope - another technology unique to Comodo which, using a system of behavior recognizers, monitors all the processes running within your computer.
    • Cloud-based Protection - cloud-based protection to detect if a given file is malware infected or not.

    McAfee - 4 out of 5 Stars: Being an industry veteran, Mcafee comes second. With an easy to use interface, highly customizable features, protection against different types of malware is not an issue for those using Mcafee antivirus software. Moreover, it is also equipped with auto-sandboxing capability for solid protection.

    Kaspersky - 4 out of 5 Stars: Despite US Government deciding to officially ban Kaspersky from its government organizations, it is still doing business. Because it's really effective and offers a free version as well. Some features include comprehensive scanning tools and on-access protection.

    Avast - 4 out of 5 Stars: User-friendly, highly customizable and equipped with a fully functional antimalware tool, Avast is another antivirus software which PC users like you should check out. This is undoubtedly one of the best free antivirus programs out there. Above all, just like the others on the list, it offers a quality free antivirus package.

    Bitdefender - 3 out of 5 Stars: Simplicity is key when it comes to making software. And the developers of Bitdefender seem to know it better than anyone else. Their antivirus tool is incredibly easy to setup and configure and does not prove a burden on your computers. Highly recommended.


Hope our list of free antivirus software reviews helps you select the right antivirus which will protect you not just against known malware attacks but unknown zero-day threats too. And remember free does not necessarily mean bad. You just have to exercise some caution and prudence and the best free antivirus software might be yours! Thank you for reading our free antivirus software reviews.

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