Computer Protection Software

A simple search for the Best Computer Protection Software will throw out a huge list of software. You will be flummoxed with the choices available. But, wait.... Are they really free? And are they as good as they claim to be? And will they provide security against present-day threats?

Plenty of choices and plenty of questions.

A computer protection software has to handle three types of applications and files - known bad, known good and the unknown. Computer Protection Softwares typically maintain a database of the known bad applications and files in the form of a virus definition database. Many antivirus vendors share the definitions as there are hundreds or thousands of malware released every day.

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Computer Protection Software

Features of Computer Protection Software

  1. Identify suspicious files
  2. Immediately remove malware on detection
  3. Provide proactive defense against all types of malware
  4. Provide proactive defense against all malware intrusion attempts
  5. Automatically scan all downloaded/ accessed files
  6. Maintain up to date antivirus definitions in the database
  7. Receive hot-fix updates for critical antivirus definition 
  8. Have an easy to use interface
  9. Provide real-time protection against malicious behavior
  10. Utilize a cloud-based scanning system for updated instant scans
  11. Enable secure connection to the internet
  12. Not affect system performance – some antivirus solutions consume a lot of processing power and memory and affect the overall performance of the system.

Evolving Malware

The above listed are typical requirements. However, in the cyber world, malware is constantly evolving, and new attack vectors and new sophisticated malware are being used. There are tools that can easily modify existing malware into new strains that cannot be detected. Traditional and typical antivirus solutions will not detect such new malware. When such malware is used for malicious attacks they are called as zero-day malware – the most dangerous of the lot. The zero-day malware can be of any type, such as - viruses, worms, spyware, Trojans, ransomware, adware, rootkits, bots, scareware, bugs or keyloggers.

Detection of Zero-day Malware

The best computer protection software must be able to detect zero-day malware. While there are hundreds of computer protection software available in the market, there is only one computer protection software that can detect zero-day malware – The Comodo Antivirus software that is part of the outstanding Comodo Internet Security solution.

How does Comodo Antivirus Protect Against Zero-Day Malware

Comodo Antivirus utilizes its unique Default-Deny Platform that allows only known good files to have access to your computer, while it blocks all unknown files and places them in a lightweight virtual container, where it is analyzed in real-time. The Antivirus contains a patent-pending CPU-enforced OS virtualization technology that enables you to run a viable Default-Deny Security Posture. The behavior of the file is analyzed, and based on the verdict - it is deleted if it is malware, or allowed to access your actual computer resources if it is good.

The Comodo Antivirus software is the best computer protection software that can protect your computer against all unknown malicious files and zero-day threats.