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Everything is in place. You have been working hard all last night, preparing for that business meeting. Not a wink of sleep you got. Time's up for the meeting. You turn on the computer and what do you find? All those critical files have disappeared and your PC seems to be behaving unusually.

You realize there's no chance you'll be able to hold that meeting for which you prepared tirelessly. All this because your computer has been infected by some malware and because you failed to secure it using an antivirus!

Internet Security

How Comodo Antivirus Can Help

Comodo Antivirus, which comes equipped with impressive security features, is the best antivirus available in the IT security market. Once installed, it has the capability to protect PC users against all kinds of malware attacks and zero-day threats. Simply put, Comodo Antivirus is the one-stop solution for all your security needs.

  • Default Deny Approach: Technology unique to Comodo which ensures all files or applications are denied entry into your PC(s) by default, whether they are known good (whitelisted ones), known bad (blacklisted ones) or unknown (not identified or encountered so far), until they prove themselves to be harmless.

  • Host Intrusion Protection (HIPS): Comodo Antivirus also ships with a default HIPS rule-set which offer protection to your PC(s). Simply put, Comodo HIPS protects system critical files or folders from malware infections by enforcing a set of security rules that offer high levels of protection. HIPS rule-set is highly customizable.

  • Viruscope: this technology unique to Comodo, basically monitors all the processes running on your computer and alerts you when a process behaves abnormally or has gone rogue (indications of malware infection). Using Viruscope, PC users can potentially reverse or undo such undesirable processes.

  • And More: other crucial security features like protection against fileless malware, rescue disk, protection against Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks and much more.

How Comodo Internet Security (CIS) Can Further Enhance Computer Security

Comodo Internet Security (CIS), which is the next step and extension of Comodo Antivirus, offers greater levels of PC security. For example, its basic version (Premium, which is free) comes incorporated with features like Advanced Firewall, Secure Shopping etc., and its other editions (Advanced, Internet Security Pro, and Complete) offer much more advanced provisions like unlimited product support, virus removal, online backup, wifi security etc.,

Comodo Internet Security (CIS) comes equipped with the following security features that can take your PC protection to the next level.

  • Advanced Firewall: for monitoring or regulating the incoming as well as outgoing traffic from your PC.

  • Secure Shopping: security feature which allows PC users to run applications or access the internet via security-hardened browsing environments.

  • Unlimited Virus Removal: expert support for removing malware or virus infections.

  • Online Backup: for securing online backups in case of emergencies like uncontrollable malware infections or zero-day threats.

  • Wifi Security: for securing your wifi connections, especially when using public wifi(s).


Comodo Security products (be it antivirus or Comodo Internet Security (CIS)) backed by their innovative technology offer solid protection for your PC(s). Therefore buy them and protect your PC(s) against various forms of security threats. In other words, equip your PC(s) using our security tools in order to meet the various challenges thrown by the rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape.

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