Top Free Antivirus Software For Your Devices

The increased variety of devices used for browsing and working on documents has led to an increase in the demand for antivirus software. The common debate regarding antivirus software revolves between the paid and free programs. Installing a free antivirus software program allows you to have a free trial and then decide which antivirus software you would like to use permanently. The free antivirus software you use will prove to be extensively effective on your computer or device as it prevents the attack executed by viruses and several other malware types.

Given below are the top free antivirus software that will help you in choosing the perfect one for your computer or device:

Top Free Antivirus Software for 2019

  1. Comodo Free Antivirus
  2. Avira Free Antivirus
  3. Avast Free Antivirus
  4. AVG Free Antivirus
  5. Kaspersky Lab Internet Security
  6. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition
  7. Sophos Home Free Antivirus
  8. Microsoft Windows Defender
Top Free Antivirus Software

    Comodo Free Antivirus is considered to be a feature-rich product offering a completely free edition. Regarded as one of the strictest solutions, it ensures that all programs that are executed pass via its scanner nose. This top free antivirus software is also available with a cloud scanning option that is constantly kept updated with the most recent threats. It keeps getting better, as and when the new users keep uploading their data. All the basic and vital options are displayed in the form of big buttons on the home screen. It is also possible to opt for the advanced view in this best free antivirus featuring Viruscope, Auto-Sandbox, and Host Intrusion Prevention System.

    Avira Free Antivirus has established itself as one of the most popular security solutions with millions of customers all over the world, since its launch in 1986. The complete look of the Avira home window is clean along with clear buttons for all the settings. Different options are available for malware scanning and blocking. This antivirus protects computers by actively operating in the background. The cloud protection feature offers an extra security layer by scanning the items shared by the users and then pushing the changes in the antivirus definition updates. Avira’s Pro version features the benefits of phishing and ransomware protection besides game mode for extra convenience and USB drive and email scanning.

    Avast Free Antivirus has a simple installation feature but you will have to take care of the add-ons like Google Toolbar and Chrome. Besides regular malware scanning, Avast Free Antivirus software is capable of scanning all the installed programs and guaranteeing that everything is safe and fine. Based on your convenience and need, you will be able to choose either the advanced or easy setting. Avast free antivirus is also available with Browser Cleanup option, smart gaming mode, Software Updater, and Home Network Security.

    AVG Free Antivirus is another a dependable choice for virus scanning and protection. You will have to keep a close watch on checkboxes during the installation process. AVG, one of the best free antivirus software presently available, does not interfere a lot with your operating system and has very less impact on the boot process. It offers a solid protection against various types of malware and also keeps a close check on websites and emails and other online activity. For Windows and Mac, this antivirus software provides a web portal for web protection and spying and data theft protection without the need for personal registration.

    Kaspersky Lab Internet Security solves your security needs by offering a suite that comprises of antivirus, parental control, spam filtering, firewall, phishing protection, etc. Though not many changes in the latest edition, the main window allows you to just choose the key options of Update, Scan, etc. Enhanced features like online shopping protection, vulnerability scanner, webcam and audio protection are also available.

    Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition has a multi-device license allowing you to select the platform you desire to have. You also obtain a central account in order to manage all the devices. This top free antivirus edition has features like malicious URL blocking, On-Demand scan, and phishing protection. Some of its noteworthy features are anti-malware and antiphishing, near-perfect malware detection rate, real-time protection, and autopilot.

    Sophos Home Free Antivirus is a top free antivirus software offering enterprise-grade security for your home. This free software scans your system for deadly viruses and also keeps a close watch on your web activity. Its inbuilt web protection blocks websites that are unsafe. Unwanted apps are also blocked with the help of the app detection feature.

    Microsoft Windows Defender is a free, easy to use virus detection software integrated into Windows. It prevents the need for installing any third-party software and never asks you to upgrade to a paid product. Recently, it succeeded in scoring well by killing the prevalent and widespread malware. However, based on the performance front it does not match the paid products, but things are expected to improve since Microsoft is greatly focusing on the security front in Windows 10.

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