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September 12, 2017 | By admin
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We live in an era where every other day witnesses a security attack of one sort or the other. Therefore’s there’s no doubt you need an antivirus package to keep your PC(s) safe. To safeguard them against the various evolving IT security threats out there. Now the question is: do you go for a free antivirus or a paid one? Which works well of the both? Which would suit you the best? In this blog, we try answering these questions.

Antivirus protection

To give the answer in as few words as possible, it can be said that paid antivirus is for the security conscious. Those who have too much at stake which can be lost if they are to be struck down by various virus attacks. Like, for example, enterprises. How you may ask? It’s because paid antivirus will offer you some advantages (which free antivirus packages don’t) that can go a long way in securing your PC(s).

Free Antivirus Offer Only Bare Minimum Protection

While having free antivirus is certainly better than not having any form of security at all, these do come with disadvantages. The most obvious of them is the bare minimum protection they offer, which most often than not, is not sufficient enough to tackle today’s sophisticated IT security threats.

The biggest disadvantage of using a free antivirus package for your PC is that they usually offer little to no technical support. Therefore free antivirus users usually have to fend for themselves which is a tough thing to do. Moreover, free antivirus(es) are usually targeted towards the average user who does not know much about IT security and just needs something to safeguard his PC.

Paid Antivirus, On The Other Hand, Offer Comprehensive Protection

We install antivirus packages to tackle unexpected security related events, right? So what’s the point of having an antivirus solution which does not contain features like backup or device lock? Antivirus packages are supposed to help you when you’re confronted with security issues and not leave you searching for answers elsewhere. If computer users bear this in mind, they’ll realize the importance of paid antivirus packages.

For example, features like Identity Theft Protection and App Lock are usually available only in paid antivirus packages.

Is Android Antivirus Necessary?

There was a time when people thought Android devices didn’t need antivirus protection as they were built using Linux. But things have changed drastically now. The open nature of Google Store has paved way for many malicious Android apps which end up affecting millions of Android devices that exist out there. Therefore these devices need antivirus protection.

Here too, paid antivirus wins over free antivirus hands down. There’s a reason why price tags are associated with things. It means better quality. The same principle applies when it comes to Android Antivirus as well. So, wise decision would be to opt for paid antivirus which offer solid protection when it comes to Android devices as well.


The debate whether free or paid antivirus is best for your PC(s) is a never ending one. Because both offer some form of security. But when it comes to security – and if the recent spate of ransomware attacks like WannaCry and Petya are anything to go by – it’s always best to stay prepared for the worst. And to stay prepared for the worst, you have no choice but to sacrifice a few bucks. For nothing is available for free in this world.

comodo antivirus

comodo antivirus

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