The Internet of Things era: 6 ways to stay safe

July 14, 2018 | By admin
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Internet Of Things

In the recent times, we get to hear stories of online criminals spying on people through baby monitors, failing of smart locks after a software update, personal information theft through webcams and stalkers effortlessly preying on their victims with the help of spyware. In simple, security breaches, cyber threats, and IoT compromised.

Even though the Internet of Things (IoT) transforms the quality and comfort of our living, everything comes at a price. Smart devices have become an integral part of our lifestyle today, every bit of our move is dependent and recorded. These devices have complete access to everything that is private and personal. When an IoT is stolen or misplaced, those gadgets have the ability to leak all our personal details and jeopardize our lives.

A couple of decades ago, spreading computer virus required inserting an infected floppy disk into a computer. A quick forward to the present, the world is now a global village, transmitting malware is super easy as the reach is bigger, quicker and destructive enough.

Since the IoT trend is fastly catching up in all corners of the world, the future seems predictable with a lot of devices aiding us in managing and maintaining our homes and daily activities. According to Gartner, by the year 2020, about 20 billion IoT devices are likely to be in use and the majority of which will be of the consumer segment.

Every device poses a potential entry point for an attack. Say, for example, a smart home appliance like the smart thermostat is compromised in your home, it poses the risk of leaking all other details surrounding your home. As our living dependency on IoT grows, it is important to stay protected on all fronts.

Find below, six things that you need to apply for staying safe from online dangers and safeguarding your IoT network.

#Protect the home network
It is highly important to protect your home network to guarantee the safety of your data. There is a number of things that you could do to keep away the cybercriminals. Firstly, go for the latest firmware and change the default password. Always have your network hidden. Regularly, keep changing the WiFi password to evade cyber attacks. Turn off the WiFi, when it is not in use.

#Have a “guest” network for the IoT devices
By doing so, when a connected device is compromised, it won’t act as an entry point to your computing device, smartphone or other gadgets that can be compromised for the confidential information.

#Maintain your IoT devices
Imagine the possibilities that a hacker might try and the vulnerabilities surrounding your IoT device that may provide access to act against you. Overcome such security failures by always zeroing-in on the reputable brands that make cybersecurity a priority. Nonetheless, always turn off the devices when not in use, and this chiefly includes cameras, microphones, computers, etc. Remember, to set strong passwords for your accounts and devices, including your IoT tech.

The virtual private network (VPN) prevents hackers from comprehending what you do online. The VPN secures your Internet connection and encrypts data that is sent out. Thereby, it is beneficial in securing your VPN Access, to protect your privacy.

Skipping it can compromise the confidential information that you send and receive. This includes passwords and personal data. However, securing your VPN can guarantee safety for your IoT devices by protecting them from all kinds of cyber threats.

#Guard your computers and smart devices
All kinds of malware that sneak into your network will try infecting your smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. Securing your boundaries with a robust antivirus like Comodo antivirus download is a sensible move. Comodo antivirus will install easily and quickly and start securing everything within its limits.

#Monitor Risks At The Network Level
Comodo Antivirus is an extraordinarily compelling antivirus tool which uses multiple layer security to keep you protected from threats. The virus removal software offers real-time protection to detect and block known malware. It has been assessed by most of the independent testing labs, and the results published by AV-Test are validated and proven to be a top solution for users.

comodo antivirus

comodo antivirus

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