What is Armored Virus?

April 9, 2020 | By admin
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Armored Viurs

Our computers are usually susceptible to virus attacks, that’s why virtually every computer user has antivirus programs installed to curtail viruses. But then, cases abound where people struggle to rid stubborn viruses that are somewhat beyond the remedy of antivirus programs. These types of viruses can make analysts look stupid. They
are created to prevent security software from detecting them, and they can stay in your computer until they fully spread to all parts, thus causing severe damage.

What is Armored Virus?

Simply put, an armored virus is a type of virus that bypasses antivirus programs designed to stop viruses from infecting a computer. The virus does this by tricking the antivirus about its exact location. The antivirus wrongly focuses on another location, believing that’s where the virus is located. Analysts also find it difficult to examine its code, as the virus is built to make tracing, disassembling, and reverse engineering very difficult.

Basically, what makes this virus difficult to trace is because it’s armored. That is, it is protected from possible detections, and can remain in your computer to cause harm.

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If you are experiencing a situation where a specific virus in your computer is difficult to detect even when you have the best antivirus or have experts to fix it, odds are you’re attacked by an armored virus. There are other ways to know if you’re being infected by this virus. Let’s dig in!

How Do I Know If My Computer Is Infected with Armored Virus?

As mentioned, you want to think an armored virus has infected your computer if you’re not able to diagnose the problem after many attempts—using your antivirus software or consulting an expert. This is a major red flag. But how can you be really sure? The virus is like any other computer viruses. But the difference is that, when it gets to your computer, it quickly protects itself, making it difficult to detect its location or understand its signature.

So, here are the signs to know if a virus infects your computer:

A slow down of your computer

A sudden slow down of your computer’s performance signals a virus attack. More glaring is when your computer takes longer to start and also your files and apps loading sluggishly—your operating system may be under attack.

Unnecessary pop-ups

If you experience frequent pop-ups, prompting you to visit a website to download software, this is a sign of a virus attack. It’s perhaps tricking you into downloading a software that is packed with spyware, which could hijack your browser and steal your personal information—passwords, etc.

You’re locked out

If you notice that you’ve been locked out of accessing some of your files or folders, or perhaps you’re not able to make some initial settings you did—chances are a malware might have taken over your computer.

Your homepage changes

If your homepage suddenly changes from what you used to have and you’re not able to reset it, this is also a sign of a virus attack.

When unknown programs start

If you noticed that a new program you know nothing about runs when you turn on your computer, keep an eye for a potential virus attack. Malware can install unknown programs in your computers and as well make changes you never did.

Antivirus or other security software stops working

Another sign that shows your computer may be under attack is when your security software stops working. The malware might have been programmed to disable the security software so that it can function effectively. It’s certainly a red flag.

Recurrent crashes

A virus can cause your system to crash at intervals frequently. If you experience this, it’s a sign that a virus has infiltrated your computer.

Battery drains fast

If you notice that your battery no longer lasts for long for unknown reasons, you may want to suspect a virus attack. A virus in your computer can use your battery energy to function, and this shortens battery life.

Keep in mind that an armored virus in your computer can show any of this sign, but you can only suspect it to be an armored virus if it becomes challenging to rid out. As you already know, this virus protects itself in your computer, such that antivirus programs are not able to detect its location. Also, the codes and signature are difficult to read or understand, which also makes it difficult for analysts to trace.

How to Remove the Armored Virus?

While this virus is considerably troublesome to remove, more advanced measures can help you get rid of it. As you already know, the virus shields itself from antivirus programs; else, we’d start by saying update your antivirus or get a recommended one. So we won’t directly recommend using an antivirus program for this. Instead, we’d try using safe mode. Here are the steps:

  1. Start by restarting your computer or turn it off entirely and turn it on again.
  2. Press F8 while your computer is starting—press and hold the F8 key until the Windows Advance startup displays on your screen.
  3. Select SAFE mode—select your window version (that’s if it prompts)
  4. Now, run your antivirus and other malware programs again as soon as the windows come back up. This is to ensure all infections are out. Do this before doing anything else.
  5. Clear your browsing history as some malware may embed infected web links or script in your browser, which can get your computer infected again once you access the internet.

If this fails, you may have to consult an expert—and if possible, get your computer reformatted. You can also watch this video on how to remove stubborn viruses from your computer.

Wrap Up

The armored virus poses a serious threat to computer users. Once you are infected, it’s uncommon to rid the virus immediately, which can result in damages before it’s eventually removed. So, the best thing to do is to ensure you keep your computer safe from attacks.

Always update your antivirus and check to make sure that it’s running efficiently. Also, avoid downloading software from untrusted sources and also be mindful of links you click. In all, you should adhere to the best methods of keeping your computer safe from attacks.

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