What is the Best Antivirus Software?

September 27, 2019 | By admin
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What is the Best Antivirus Software

How to Prevent Network Attacks

A severe cyber-attack can be a nightmare for many business owners. It puts so many things at stake especially the company’s revenue, employee productivity, and most of all, the trust from its clients.

If you do not want to be the next victim of such attacks, make sure to use what is the best antivirus software in the market. In addition, you must deploy these security measures to protect your IT infrastructure:

1. Training Employees on Security Measures

Employees can boost cyber-attacks without even knowing it. Through social manipulation, attacks can cloak themselves as legitimate websites or emails to appear clickable for employees. Once clicked, cyber perpetrators can now gain access to a company’s IT infrastructure with ease.

To prevent these events from taking place, employees must be trained on how to recognize an attack, how to mitigate its effects, and how to prevent it in the first place. Security education can be achieved through mandatory courses and games to strengthen their employees’ knowledge and vigilance on such attacks.

2. Spot Other Possible Routes for Cyber Attacks

There can never be one route for a network attack. As such, you have to identify them before it can even be used to launch an attack on your IT infrastructure. These routes can be open ports, Trojan horses, drive-by attacks when visiting malware-infected websites, or conventional email attachments with viruses.

Spotting these alternative routes for attacks is not enough; companies should also block these routes through firewalls and antivirus software like Comodo Internet Security. Traditional measures should not only be a company’s primary defense as it can no longer be useful when pitted against sophisticated attacks.

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3. Plugging of Security Loopholes

One should look for an antivirus program that is capable of searching for similarities to previous intrusions and takes down software with possible dangerous activities. Also, it must be able to safely encapsulate malware and prevent it from spreading. They should also look for a firewall with prevention components that is capable of searching for suspicious patterns.

Automated behavior analysis is one capability that business owners should look for in antivirus. Through this capability, owners can keep up with the fast-paced development of attacks that may possibly hit their IT infrastructures.

4. Network Monitoring

Network monitoring enables you to keep an eye on your crucial security measures such as antivirus software, firewalls, and backup software. In the event of any problems with these measures, network monitoring can swiftly notify you so you can immediately deal with them. Just like any parts of your IT infrastructure, security measures should not be totally left on their own. They should also be monitored to ensure that they are delivering their optimum output.

5. Utilize Network Traffic Recording

Network Traffic Recording enables you to determine which computers and data are affected by network attacks. By evaluating data archives, a large percentage of downtime can be reduced, thus, maintaining the productivity of the company. It can also help you monitor network traffic for unusual patterns which can serve as an early signal for any upcoming network attacks.

6. Use PRTG as Your Early Warning System

A PRTG system can be considered as an early warning system for your IT infrastructure as it can detect suspicious and anomalous activities in your network traffic. It also prevents a malware (which has already affected a network) from doing more damage and breaches to your network. Take note that it cannot be used as an alternative for an intrusion detection system, but it has key features that are crucial for one’s network security:

  • It enables you to check data with anomalies
  • It checks the functionality of virus scanners, backups, firewalls, and security software.
  • It has the capability to let you monitor your whole network: storage devices, servers, and connected devices like computers, printers, routers, etc.

7. Dependable Defense

These days, consumers and businesses need not worry about the high cost of antivirus software, because various free versions are being rolled out every day. But these perks leads everyone to ask: What is the best antivirus software on the market now? What antivirus software can truly deliver and stand up to the threats that network attacks pose?

Enter Comodo Internet Security (CIS), an antivirus expert who can be your dependable partner in protecting your IT infrastructures from various cyber-attacks. With key capabilities such as antivirus scanning, auto-containment, VirusScope behavioral analysis, cloud-based antivirus, host intrusion prevention, personal packet filtering wall, and security for online banking and shopping, it can seamlessly provide end-to-end protection for its users.


Network attacks are becoming more sophisticated every day, and with this fact, individuals and businesses cannot afford to be left behind. Today, consumers and businesses must be armed with the necessary tools to protect themselves from the wide-damaging and ever-morphing network attacks.

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What is an Antivirus


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