Beware of the Trojan Festalco

October 29, 2014 | By admin
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Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse is a malicious content or code that does not have the trait of replicating. There are so many variants of Trojans. Most of them are in the form of executable files. On execution of these files, depending on the level of the malicious code, it can create a an impact by establishing a data theft and any other mode of harming the system.

Why is it called a Trojan?

There is a tale of Greek mythology, where a wooden horse tricked the Greeks who defended the city of Troy during the Trojan war, so as the name Trojan Horse, this deploys its installation onto the computer and establishing its presence with so much importance to the user.

Impacts of Trojan Horse


As it installs in your system, it incorporates a program called the keylogger. The purpose of the keyloggers is to track the entire activity of the user and further report the tracked activity log to the hacker.

The user might be carrying out a heavy transaction over the internet, while doing this your debit or your credit card number, login credentials like username and password are overlooked and passed on to the hacker.

Data Corruption:

Trojan horses are coded and developed in such a way that they maliciously attack and ruin the victim’s computer.

Personal data, most confidential data, financial information, business related information that are critical from the type and purpose of Trojan Horse attack.

It might never take a second thought to completely corrupt the entire data through a delicate touch on the victim’s operating system. This might cause a temporary malfunctioning or it might lead to a complete crash down of the system

Trojan horses are created to create a malicious impact on the targeted victim’s property.


The most deleterious form of Trojan horse is the Backdoor, which installs a remote level access program on the victim’s PC, and hence the name.

The remote level access provided by the backdoor helps the hacker to make any changes and also take entire control of the user’s system without the knowledge of the victim.

The intention of this type of hacking can be of any reason, it can be either for knowing about the financial data or personal information and sometimes harmful.

Trojan.Festalco – A new type of Trojan :

  • Trojan.Festalco is the latest and the dangerous of all Trojans creating a tremendous confusion on the infected PC.
  • This nefarious piece of code was developed for the purpose of attacking computers that works on the Windows operating system.
  • Once infected by Trojan.Festalco and it is active on the infected computer, The entire system suffer a huge destruction.
  • The biggest challenge that is faced by the security experts is that, this particular form of malicious content escapes the the scanning done by the antivirus program by changing its position and also its name.
  • There is only possible method to overcome the interference and interruption of Trojan.Festalco, that is the removal of this Trojan.Festalco from the infected PC and hence cannot prevent its entry.


How does Trojan.Festalco enters the computer?

  • It enters the computer disguising itself as video codecs.
  • Video codecs, is required to install on the system to view certain videos directly from the internet.
  • Apart from the above mentioned reason.
  • When the user clicks on the some unauthorized links.
  • When the user browses certain sites that has no good reputation.
  • While the user opens an infected email attachment with or without his/her knowledge.

Tips to prevent Trojan:

  • Avoid running any programs from any suspicious source.
  • Avoid opening files that is found in any unknown email attachment ending with .exe.
  • If you are going to install a program onto your computer,  carefully read the entire instructions and avoid mishaps.

Comodo Internet Security is the best defense against threats like the Trojan Festalco. With its unique Default Deny strategy and auto sandboxing, Comodo Antivirus for Windows 8 ensures that no malicious program is allowed access to your system and file.s

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comodo antivirus

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