What Good Free Virus Protection Affords You

May 24, 2020 | By admin
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Good Free Virus ProtectionWe’re all on the internet now, so if you don’t have an antivirus program just yet, you’re missing out on essential protection. Times have definitely evolved in that many of our transactions and even work pursuits are now accomplished in the digital space. Whether you work from home or are part of an office team, going online is essential to achieve many things. So if you still don’t have cybersecurity to back you up, we’re giving you many reasons to get good free virus protection, at least.

Here’s why you need a virus scan software 

Protect sensitive data

It comes as no surprise to anyone that every user will have sensitive data on their computers. Whether private photos or bank details, our computing devices store many of our most private information. That being the case, granting hackers access to what’s meant for personal consumption can lead to grave consequences. We’ve all heard of news bits involving businesses and people whose reputations and credibility have been hampered, all because of online security breaches. 

If internet safety, in general, has taught us anything, it’s that anyone can be a victim if we’re not careful enough. The thing is, we can never be careful enough on our own. You can avoid fishy-looking websites all you want, but it can only take one email or one USB attachment to enter your system. As technology has advanced, so has cybercrime. Spyware, for instance, has grown tremendously over the past decade. And figures dictate how anyone can fall prey into this kind of malware. No one dreams of having strangers stare at them and observe their daily activities through their computer’s built-in front camera. 

Good free virus protection may not have limited coverage over what it can protect on your laptop or desktop, but at least you’re not left to your own. If you don’t have a set budget for virus scan software yet, look for your own version of the best free antivirus of 2020. This may differ depending on your computing needs and workload. Feel free to do your research and factor in what other people are saying about certain antivirus brands and packages.  

Protect other users

This year has taught how we can infect others without even feeling any viral symptoms. If that’s true in the physical sense, it also very much applies in the digital space. You may not know it, but you could be forwarding emails with harmful attachments. Because hackers are incredibly cunning and smarter today, you could be emailing viruses without you even knowing. All it takes is one small click for a virus to easily leech on to an application and do whatever it’s designed to do.

Resorting to good free virus protection shields you from being a carrier and forwarding online threats. This proves to be especially helpful when you manage a corporate group or run a business. 

Save money

People are quick to conclude that antivirus applications are expensive. And although that’s true to an extent, whatever amount you shell out is bound to be cheaper than stolen online funds, a damaged PC, or a compromised reputation. Of course, that’s not to say all cybersecurity programs are expensive. Price should still be a determiner in whatever you purchase. 

The point is, warranties can only last so long, and you’re not always going to have easy access to your computer’s customer service team. Taking your device to an expert to have it fixed can be costlier, too. In every sense, subscribing to a virus scan software is an investment. If you compare a few two-digit dollars to the hundreds or thousands you can lose if your computer is damaged or your private details are leaked, you’re already saving a lot of money.  

Fortunately, not all cybersecurity programs are expensive. For instance, here in Comodo Cybersecurity, you get all-around coverage for as little as $17.99!

Protect your children

It’s nearly impossible to deprive your children of technology, given today’s context. Whether it’s online learning or teaching your child how to use a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet, them resounding to the internet is an inevitable occurrence. Quite oppositely, it’s important, too! Kids need to be technologically-savvy to be prepared for the future. 

When you subscribe to a competent antivirus program, you’re able to control their access to certain websites, making sure they’re kept away from harm and ill-intentioned strangers. Good free virus protection may offer limited coverage in this respect, and even the best free antivirus of 2020 may not have much of a say in this department. Still, these are good substitutes for when you don’t have a paid-for virus scan software in place yet.

If you’re looking for affordable and award-winning computer and data protection, sign up with Comodo Cybersecurity now!

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