New Wi-Fi attack can crack your passwords

August 24, 2018 | By admin
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Hacking Passwords

Did you know that there exists a simple way to crack passwords from routers with WPA2 security?

Fortunately, this hidden truth was uncovered by the white hat hackers recently!

Everybody is using Wi-Fi network these days, and the usual protocols to count on are WPA or WPA2. In simple words, the Wi-Fi signal is safeguarded by the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA or WPA2) encryption standard. Basically, the designing of these wireless industry standards was aimed at preventing online fraudsters from hijacking the signal and going through the browsing data. However, recently, a security researcher broke the encryption while examining the new WP3 standard. And this is really some bad news!

The routers enabled with Pairwise Master Key Identifier (PMKID) roaming features are the ones that can be victimized. The hack is initiated by requesting the PMKID from the router, and later it is saved as a .pcapng file. The saved .pcapng file has to be compliant with password-recovery tool Hashcat, so it is converted to the hash format. When it is done, the hacker uses Hashcat to recover the password. Once everything is done, then the hacker has complete access to the browsing data.

This new type of WPA2 hacking may panic many, however, stay rest assured, it is easy to steer clear from such online dangers effortlessly. Here is how – it is done, in all the cases, a hacker needs to stay close to the router to be in the WiFi range. Moreover, it is only a hash that the hacker is hunting for. In order to know the password, the hacker might apply a brute force attack to guess the password.

In order to evade the router from being hacked with this new attack, Comodo suggests:

Change The Password

First things first – change your password right now and continue reading. Choose a stronger password that is hard to identify by the hackers. If you are having difficulty creating an unbreakable password yourself then seek assistance. A strong password is lengthy, has upper case, lower case, special characters, and numbers. Remember, when the Wi-Fi password is short, then it is definitely a grave matter of concern. Users who are using the short Wi-Fi password need to change it asap.

Update to WPA3

In the coming years, you’ll witness all the connected wireless devices being upgraded to WPA3. Based on the things that had been happening around for a while now, it is advisable to upgrade immediately. The latest security protocol will start rolling out in late 2018/early 2019 but don’t wait for the announcements. Just start by installing and updating the WPA3-compliant devices all by yourself.

Overall Thought

In the fast-paced world, online threats are emerging every second and therefore, it is mandatory to stay safe from these dangers. The Comodo antivirus software features multi-layered security, user-friendly interface, file scanning system, wifi protection, and much more. It packs the latest techniques and it is proven that the antivirus is one of the best antivirus software available in the market right now. With Comodo antivirus, you can safeguard your computer effectively and stay protected from the emerging threat attacks. Download Comodo Antivirus today!

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comodo antivirus

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