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June 8, 2019 | By admin
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Rat Virus


For years, cybercriminals have found new ways of distributing malware to private systems and networks. That’s why organizations and businesses need to do whatever it takes to protect the confidentiality of their systems. While cryptoming malware has been the number one threat most businesses face on a constant basis, new breeds of malicious malware have also emerged in hopes of exploiting the vulnerabilities of private systems and networks.

Remote Access Trojan, or RAT virus has been named as one of the most detected malware by threat intelligence group Check Point Software. While this may sound new to many, know that this threat can be as dangerous as other malware found online. In this guide, we’ll discuss what RAT virus and how it can be prevented effectively.

What is Remote Access Trojan or RAT Virus?

A remote access trojan or RAT virus is a type of malware that provides cybercriminals with the chance to access and control private networks and systems. Through a back door system, hackers can enter the system illegally to steal confidential information and cause a major security incident. Typically, a RAT virus is downloaded as a legit software or a game app. That’s why many users can’t necessarily detect this malware on the get-go.

How RAT Malware Infect Devices?

What makes a RAT virus extremely dangerous is that fact that detecting one is difficult to accomplish. As stated a while back, a RAT virus can disguise as a legit software or program that prompts users to provide the necessary login requirements. While most remote access programs are made to allow users to securely access another computer remotely, a RAT virus is meant to spy and cause a major security havoc on private systems.

Since a RAT virus has the ability to give hackers access to a private system, it allows users to gain control over the infected system. From there, cybercriminals can monitor the actions of the users through its spyware technologies. They can also access private documents and files and interrupt the system’s security. A RAT virus can also give them the chance to record videos and take screenshots of the user’s activities.

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Furthermore, a RAT virus can also alter confidential documents and files. This means that cybercriminals have the ability to delete all files stored on your hard drive and replace them with harmful documents found on the internet. Hackers can also control your device to infect more computers by distributing malware-infected documents and files.

How to Prevent RAT Malware Infection?

The good news is that preventing a RAT virus infection is possible to achieve. One of the many things you can do to protect your system from this malware is to use antivirus software. This can help you detect a possible RAT virus from entering your system before it can even cause any major disruptions on your system’s security. It’s also important to note that there’s an overwhelmingly wide range of options you can choose from when it comes to finding the best antivirus software. Investing in an antivirus software can help you mitigate the risk of falling victim to a RAT virus.

One effective way of avoiding a RAT virus is by refraining yourself from downloading files from unreliable sources. These malicious files can carry certain malware in them, including a RAT virus. Also, make it a habit to not open email attachments from unknown users. This can help you prevent a possible security incident caused by a RAT virus. You shouldn’t also download apps and programs from unreliable websites. Most importantly, keeping your system protected at all times can be the best security measure in terms of preventing a possible RAT virus from infecting your system.


The security risk that a RAT virus can provide you with is something that should not be taken for granted. As much as possible, all device users must need to know how to protect their systems from this malware to minimize the chance of a possible security incident from happening.

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