What is FBI Virus?

June 12, 2019 | By admin
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FBI Virus

FBI virus is a ransomware that locks up the computer with a threatening message that says “The computer has been blocked due to violation of Copyrights and Related Rights Law.” The FBI virus demands a ransom that ranges from $200 – $450 to unlock the computer.

An FBI virus infection is difficult to deal with. Because it’s hard to get past the FBI virus message, you may need the help of a technical person.

Below we’ll discuss the possible ways the FBI virus can infect your computer so that you can avoid falling victim to it.

How FBI Virus Infects the Computer?

Malicious Emails

The FBI virus is commonly delivered by spear phishing or spam emails. Apparently, it is not just the FBI virus, but most malware are distributed by malicious emails.

The email contains the malicious attachment that installs the FBI virus in the background. In some cases, malware like the FBI virus can get installed without the user having to download the attachment. That’s how the FBI virus infects the computer by email.

Crack or Illegal Software

Crack software is also one of the common causes of malware and ransomware infections. It is free, but it often comes with malware. The malicious software installs as part of the application. Hackers can easily create a crack version of the software embedded with malware like the FBI virus.

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Malvertising is a technique designed to install malware through malicious advertisements. There’s a malicious code concealed behind the altered pixels. The malicious code executes the malware when the user clicks on the ad. Apparently, this is one of the methods to deliver the FBI virus to random computers.

Pop ups

Pop ups are also being used to distribute FBI viruses. Malicious pop ups redirect users to malicious websites. They also install malware when users accidentally click on them.

Phishing URL

A phishing URL also redirects users to websites infected with FBI virus. As usual, FBI virus installs without the user’s knowledge. A phishing URL is deceptive. It can be found even on legitimate websites.

Being aware of how an FBI virus is commonly delivered is one of the keys to preventing it. However, if your computer has already been infected with FBI virus, it is better to try alternative solutions than pay the ransom.

Paying the ransomware doesn’t guarantee that hackers will unlock your computer. Some hackers get away with the money without providing the decryption key.

As mentioned early on, an FBI virus infection is difficult to deal with. But below are some steps you can try to remove the FBI virus from your computer.

How to Remove FBI Virus from your computer?

1. How to Remove the FBI Virus in Safe Mode?

  • Restart the computer
  • Press F8 repeatedly before Windows loads
  • When the menu appears, go to Advanced Boot Options
  • Use the arrow keys to choose Safe Mode with Networking
  • Press Enter

Windows restarts in Safe mode. If you are able to get past the FBI virus message, open the System Configuration box to disable the FBI virus.

  • Press Windows + R on the keyboard
  • Type in MSCONFIG in the dialogue box
  • When the System Configuration opens, click on the Startup tab
  • Look for any suspicious files in the list of applications and disable it

It is easier to spot the FBI ransomware in safe mode because only the basic programs load.

2. How to Remove the FBI Virus with Antivirus Software?

With the FBI virus disabled, you can now remove it using antivirus software. If there’s no antivirus software installed on the computer yet, download and install a trusted antivirus software online such as Comodo Antivirus.

  • Download Comodo Antivirus
  • Follow the prompts on the computer to finish the installation
  • Once installed, click on full scan on the user interface of Comodo Antivirus software
  • When the malware scanning is finished, Comodo Antivirus will display the malware detected and removed from your computer
  • Press exit and restart the computer in normal mode

NOTE: The malware scanning may take awhile because the antivirus software deep scans the critical folders in the computer system to detect and remove the FBI virus.


Now that FBI virus is removed from the computer, don’t let it infect your device again. Try to recall what application or attachment you have downloaded prior to the FBI virus infection. This will help prevent similar attacks in the future.

Also, with the help of the antivirus software, you can keep your computer safe. Just install the necessary updates to keep the antivirus software up-to-date.

5 Ways to Prevent Computer Virus

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