Strategies That Help Migrate Clients to Managed Antivirus

December 28, 2016 | By admin
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It’s only natural that MSPs would like to include antivirus in their managed service contract. But clients would almost all the time want to cling on to their existing virus protection software, which would have become sort of a habit for them. Thus, MSPs would find it difficult to migrate clients to managed antivirus. But there are some simple things, some real good strategies that may work out. Let’s take a look at these simple strategies-



Convincing clients of better services

This is one strategy that might work out well with clients who refuse to migrate to managed antivirus. The MSP should try to convince clients that better services can be offered when it’s supporting an integrated AV solution across its clients. They should also try to explain that the clients can expect consistency and timely results as working with a single virus protection software would help them (the MSP) to automate basic tasks and updates. Such an explanation, of better, faster service, could make the clients realize that it would perhaps be easier for them to work with the managed antivirus than with the one they are already familiar with.

Addressing cost-related concerns

It’s natural for any client to be bothered about costs whenever they get to hear of an additional service being offered. They do have to pay minute attention to the costs and expenses, it should always be their concern. Hence, the best way is to address clients’ cost-related concerns and convince them that the cost for the antivirus program can be built into the costs for the full service offering. Thus it wouldn’t cost them anything extra. It would also be wise to present the AV solution as a free service that comes along with the managed services plan.

Highlighting the benefits and forcing the issue

Highlighting the benefits of having a managed antivirus in the most convincing of manners would work. At the same time, it would be good to try forcing the issue by making the client subscribe to the MSP’s AV service stating that otherwise the MSP may not be able to do full justice to being their MSP.

Such simple, straight strategies, which seek to address the interests and concerns of the client as well, would work out wonderfully well.

comodo antivirus

comodo antivirus

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