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Google 'best free security software' and you are bound to come across a list of supposedly 'best free security software' online. Most of the time, this is just a marketing gimmick, leading or enticing users into buying their priced antivirus edition. But when we at Comodo claim that Comodo Antivirus is the best free security software around in the IT security industry, we really do mean it.

One of the reasons why we proclaim Comodo Antivirus as the best in the IT security industry is because it offers 'Viruscope technology' for free. Now let's try to understand what Viruscope is, how it protects your PC from malware infection, and how it can be configured or modified to suit your requirements.

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What Is Comodo Viruscope Technology and How Does It Prevent Malware?

Viruscope, which is a technology unique to Comodo, basically monitors all the processes running on your computer and alerts you if anything goes wrong. And by wrong, we mean malicious activity. So when a process behaves abnormally or has gone rogue (indications of malware infection), the Viruscope technology steps in, alerts users about the malicious activity, and also has the ability to potentially reverse the undesirable process.

Viruscope makes use of what is known as 'recognizers' for analyzing or studying the behavior and actions of various applications running on the computer. The moment an irregularity is detected in the analysed pattern, Viruscope will raise an alert allowing the users to take the necessary action.

Configuring Viruscope

Viruscope is enabled by default. Which means the moment users install Comodo Antivirus, it will start monitoring the various processes running within the computer for malicious activity and generate alerts that let PC users like you quarantine the application and undo its activities.

  • Manage Viruscope Notifications:

    Since Viruscope generates notifications on a regular basis, users have the option of running Viruscope in an automated mode in the background without disturbing their work experience by selecting 'Do NOT show popup alerts' checkbox. This means Viruscope will stay active, monitoring processes, detecting threats and reversing any malicious activity – only with users not being aware of them.
    Although this option is available, it is only for the highly tech-savvy advanced users and therefore it is recommended you don't turn them ON – unless absolutely required.
  • Regulate Viruscope Monitoring:

    If PC users feel they don't want every application running within the computer to be monitored by Viruscope, then they can enable 'Monitor sandboxed applications only' checkbox. Doing so will ensure that Comodo Antivirus runs Viruscope only on those sandboxed (unknown or suspicious) applications. This option is enabled by default.

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