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It's only natural to feel a bit apprehensive before carrying out the online transaction of any kind. Especially considering the rate at which cybersecurity threats have been raining down on us. Unfortunately, we cannot stop security threats from occurring. Nor can we prevent the hacking community responsible for spreading these security threats. But we can sure take necessary security measures to stay protected against them.

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Use Comodo CIS (Comodo Internet Security)

Comodo CIS (Comodo Internet Security) comes equipped with impressive security features that easily make it one of the best internet security packages in the IT security market. Based on Containment technology which paves way for Comodo's unique Default Deny Approach – the ability to stop and scrutinize every application – CIS has a higher success rate not just against various kinds of malware but against the much-dreaded zero-day threats too.

About Comodo CIS Secure Shopping Feature

One of the security features of Comodo CIS (Comodo Internet Security) is 'Secure Shopping', which allows PC users to carry out online transactions – be it online banking or shopping – in a 'security-hardened' browsing environment. Apart from banking and shopping activities, Secure Shopping feature can also be used to run regular applications like 'Outlook, Thunderbird' etc., which are used to handle sensitive data.

Benefits Of Using Comodo CIS Secure Shopping

Browsers running within Secure Shopping environment have the following benefits:

  • Sensitive Data Being Transferred Is Protected From Other Processes: A system typically runs many processes at a given time. And in case one of them is infected or being run by a malicious program, then there's every chance that the process can snatch away the sensitive data being transferred. This can be prevented when Comodo Secure Shopping feature is enabled.
  • Keylogging Is Prevented: Keylogging is another popular method by which hackers snatch way sensitive information. This too is prevented when browsers and other applications are run within the secure shopping protected environment.
  • PC Users Will Be Warned Of Unauthorized Remote Connections: Unauthorized remote connections, if established, will be easily detected as well as terminated.
  • Hackers Are Prevented From Taking Session Screenshots: Taking 'Session screenshots' too can be successfully prevented using the CIS's secure shopping feature.
  • Man-in-the-Middle Attacks Are Prevented: CIS Secure Shopping feature also prevents man-in-the-middle attacks by detecting fake SSL certificates and disrupting the communication.

Running Browsers & Applications Using Comodo CIS Secure Shopping

Browsers and applications can be run within Comodo Secure Shopping protected environment in two ways: i) By adding the website (or URL) to the Secure Shopping feature and ii) By opening applications via Secure Shopping feature available under 'General Tasks' option. Note: Secure Shopping feature is enabled by default.

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