Google Released its Annual Android Security Report 2018

July 13, 2019 | By admin
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Mobile security applications for Google’s Android platform protect Android smartphones and tablet mobile devices from malware and unauthorized access that can lead to theft of the device or accidental loss. Android mobile security apps offer additional features that help in securing all data stored in your mobile device.

Google Android Security Report

Android users are made aware of the most recent updates in their phones through the regular Android Security Reports provided by Google. Google’s fifth annual Android Security Report for 2018 covers the rates of potentially harmful app (PHA) installation on Android mobile phones. This is considered to be the main route through which malicious activities like trojans, phishing, click fraud, and spyware can apply their malicious attacks on mobile devices.

The Android security team’s core aim is to protect all Android users by bringing about constant improvement in its security and privacy technology and operations.

Android security strategy is divided into three pillars:

Transparency and Openness

  • Android believes that transparency creates trust.
  • The Android security team constantly publishes threat research and distributes complete monthly bulletins of security fixes.
  • The Android ecosystem transparency report was recently released.
  • Essential information was also recently published on the Android Security Center website, allowing easy access to its reports, videos, and blogs.

Layered Security

The key layers of Android security include:

  • Android believes that transparency creates trust.
  • The Android security team constantly publishes threat research and distributes complete monthly bulletins of security fixes.
  • The Android ecosystem transparency report was recently released.
  • Essential information was also recently published on the Android Security Center website, allowing easy access to its reports, videos, and blogs.

Backed by Google

Since Android is backed by Google, its security team works with some of the world’s best computer science and security professionals, possessing supreme knowledge in artificial intelligence, cloud security, privacy research, and identity management.

The Android Security Report of 2018 highlights that only 0.08% of devices that used Google Play for app downloads were affected by PHAs. In contrast, devices that installed apps outside of Google Play were severely affected by PHAs. Compared to 2017, even those devices experienced a 15% reduction in malware because of the observance of Google Play Protect.

This annual report talks about everything Google did for Android security and privacy in 2018. Android security thus witnessed a stronger application sandbox in 2018, together with hardened developer APIs with features like BiometricPrompt, along with an updated target API level for apps. The Android Security team continued to invest hardware-backed security by using distinct tamper-resistant secure elements that permitted the use of industry-first security APIs, such as Strongbox and Protected Confirmation. The Android ecosystem has made great progress in releasing security updates by incorporating platform improvements like Treble, new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreements, and partner programs such as Android Enterprise Recommended.

In 2018, Android security continued to work with Android device manufacturers, system-on-chip (SOC) vendors, and mobile network operators to increase the number of devices receiving constant security updates. Significant progress was made. In fact, in the fourth quarter of 2018, 84% more devices received an Android security update than in the same quarter the previous year.

Android security mobile applications are available from Google, but you can also get them from Comodo, a cybersecurity company that offers the Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) solution through its free Comodo Antivirus for Android app.

Designed to protect your Android devices against unsafe apps, potentially risky settings, viruses, and theft, the Android Antivirus from Comodo is an excellent solution that keeps your system optimized and protects your privacy.

comodo antivirus

This feature provides:

  • Protection from annoying push ads hosted by applications that you download from different sources.
  • Protection from harmful USSD attacks from malicious webpages.
  • Always-on virus protection and an on-demand scanner that shields your device from unsafe apps and viruses.
  • Scheduled scans and one-touch scans, along with a system “Health Check” feature, that rapidly detects the presence of malware, apps that are not safe for your phone, and potentially risky settings.


  • This allows you to get the location of your device even if its SIM card is changed.
  • This remotely recovers your device if it is lost, stolen, or mislaid.
  • The device can also take a photograph of the possessor, lock it to prevent unauthorized access, sound a loud alarm, and remotely wipe it of all your private details, including any essential files stored on the memory card.

Software Manager

  • This CMS feature allows you to view the installed apps, uninstall them, or take a backup.
  • With one tap, you will be able to restore uninstalled apps.
  • This provides a complete list of apps in your device, and you can choose either to delete or install them.

Call/SMS Blocking

  • This immediately filters annoying phone calls and SMS messages by configuring black/white contact lists.
  • This locks all text messages comprising of specific keywords.


  • You can back up your CMS configuration and all the apps in your device.
  • Backed-up data can be instantly restored in case of data loss in your device.
  • You can back up all important data, such as text messages, contact lists, and private space, to a memory card.

Private Space

  • Only you will be allowed to view data stored in your Private Space.
  • You can store phone numbers, text messages, and contacts.
  • App Protector allows you to lock your apps and prevent them from being accessed by unauthorized users.

Privacy Advisor

  • This detects those apps whose permissions could cost you money in outgoing texts/calls or compromise your privacy.
  • You will be informed about which apps are allowed to access data such as your archived messages and contact lists and which apps can send text messages or make phone calls.

Task Scheduler

  • This prevents the need for manual scans.
  • You can run the scan at a time convenient for you.
  • This allows automating the antivirus scanning process.
  • You can set schedules for “Leave Flight Mode” and “Enter Flight Mode.”

Traffic Monitoring

  • This Android security feature from Comodo keeps track of your mobile broadband usage in real time.
  • You can save your data usage by uninstalling or stopping data-expensive applications.
  • Use a Web Application Firewall from the traffic monitoring interface to block apps from connecting to the internet.
  • This helps you avoid overage charges for exceeding the data limits on your plan.
  • The application can be configured to provide alerts if your monthly traffic limit is set or approaching a daily traffic quota.
  • You will be given in-depth details of all GPRS/3G data traffic, along with a chart of data usage for each application.

System Optimizer

  • With CMS, you get complete visibility and control over running processes.
  • You can kill apps that could be slowing down your phone.
  • All temporary files in cache memory can be cleaned with just one tap.
  • You will be able to see how many are running and how much memory is used by each process.

Install Comodo Mobile Security to provide the Android security your mobile needs.

Comodo Antivirus for Android

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