What is a computer worm virus? How they infect and methods to remove them

July 10, 2018 | By admin
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Computer Worm


What is a Computer Worm Virus


The term worm in computing refers to a malicious software whose main role is to infect computers, remain active on the infected system and self-replicate. A computer worm is programmed to duplicate rapidly and spread to uninfected computers. A user realizes the existence of a worm virus infection only when the disk space and system resources are consumed entirely.


How Computer Worm Virus Infect

The presence of a worm virus can be identified easily as it starts to choke all device actions. In other words, all infected servers, networks, and PCs are usually overloaded and stop responding. During such unanticipated times, it calls for a best virus removal instantly to resuming the normal functioning.

Habitually, the duplicating worm virus is more capable of spreading everywhere in the network without human intervention. Their functioning on a device requires using certain areas in the operating system and it is obtained automatically undetected by the user.


The Malicious Intentions


A worm virus is created with the sole purpose of stealing confidential data, corrupting system files and providing backdoor access for hackers. In order to accomplish these malicious activities with ease, a worm virus makes use of the holes in a security software. A robust antivirus software available online can help steer clear of all such online risks.


Types of Computer Worm Virus


Apparently, a computer worm virus keeps infecting the uninfected systems and this cannot be taken carelessly. On the contrary, the worse effects caused by a computer worm virus infection are hard to bear.

Like the name suggests, a computer worm is a malware that spreads like a worm. The computer worm is either a virus or worm hybrid which is capable of modifying the program codes. In some cases, the worm malware carries malicious payloads, such as a ransomware and more.

In order to carry out coordinated attacks bot worms are executed with the task. Bot worms attack the computers and turn them into zombies. So, a bot worm is also known as a zombie worm. They may exploit access to contact lists on victim computers through instant messaging services.

Email worms arrive through email and spread as malicious executable files. They became active when the user opens the file. Besides this, an ethical worm is a computer worm designed to travel across networks with the intent of delivering patches for known security vulnerabilities.

Worms and Viruses – What’s the difference

Worms are self-replicating programs that spread automatically after they are created. On the contrary, viruses are also multiplying programs, however, need user action to spread involuntarily to other programs or systems.

How to prevent, detect and remove a computer worm

A user should be well-prepared all the time to handle a virus attack as it is becoming common these days. With the right precautionary measures in place, any malicious code will not be able to corrupt your files or damage your software programs. Be vigil and ever open to identify the viruses that can damage your system and your data. Find below the list of things that can save your day from a worm virus attack:

Topping the list is the recommendation to maintain an up-to-date operating system and all other software patches. This helps reduce the risk surrounding the lately discovered vulnerabilities.

Secondly, never rely on an outdated antivirus software. Download a antivirus software like Comodo Antivirus from the internet and stay protected from malicious software. The Comodo Antivirus software offers multi-layered levels of threat and virus protection to keep your system stay away from problems.

Thirdly, never open unsolicited emails or the attachments that arrive in them. Most of the time, hackers make use of emails as it has the ability to sneak into a robust defense system.

Lastly, if your system has been compromised, then you should isolate, scan and then repair it.

comodo antivirus

comodo antivirus

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