Are You Safe Online? 5 Important Tips

December 18, 2014 | By admin
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Information flows today like never before. That’s because we have replaced impressions made on pieces of paper for storage with ones and zeros represented by electronically. We have built vast networks where ones and zeros that make up almost everything that is knowable about a person can flow almost as fast as the light can shine.

I so many ways, it is a wonderful new world.
There are downsides, however, and the most obvious is that our personal information can flow into the wrong hands. Worst case, you could have your bank accounts drained by identity thieves. Sad to day, the worst case is happening more and more these days. How can you stay safe online?

Here are few tips to keep that from happening:

    • Regular clear your computers temporary files and cookies. Hackers search these files for information about you and sites track you based on the cookies that read and write.


    • Use strong passwords. It can be nuisance, but using a password of 8 or more characters that includes alpha and numeric, upper and lower case and special characters makes it dramatically harder for a hacker to crack your password. With today’s technology, a hacker can crack a 6 character all lower case alpha password in about 6 minutes.


    • Beware of social media. Criminals find social media sites like Facebook a treasure trove of personal information on potential targets for fraud. If you just can’t live without it, make sure you use all of the privacy controls and try to restrain yourself about revealing personal details of your life.


    • Use a Comodo Browser, either chromium based Comodo Dragon or Firefox based Comodo iceDragon. Comodo browsers have unparalleled privacy and security features.


  • Use Comodo Internet Security and Antivirus. Comodo’s default deny architecture with auto-sandboxing allows you to operate safely even when confronted with a zero day (unknown) threat.

At the end of the day, there is no substitute for vigilance. Keep your eyes open and your computer protected by Comodo.

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