Malware – The Whats, Whys, and Hows

February 22, 2018 | By admin
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Malware, which is short for malicious software, is basically a software like any other, created by the hacking community with the malicious intent of affecting our PC(s) or stealing our personal sensitive information or data. But generally speaking any intrusive software – be it malicious or not – which can gain illegal access to our PC(s) is considered as malware.

The popular computer ‘virus’ is a type of malware. Other malware types include spyware, worm, trojan horse, browser hijacker, rootkit, malvertising and more.

How Does A Malware Infect?

Malware attacks your PC(s) chiefly using two ways. 1) By deceiving you to download a software and 2) By infecting your PC taking advantage of a security vulnerability (or loophole) already existing in it (an outdated OS or software or browser). Whatever the case, you’ll be the one downloading the malware without even knowing that you are doing so!

Malware Removal

Believe it or not, malware removal is easy when it concerns less serious malware infections. You can most probably remove them just as you uninstall a legitimate program. But when the malware infection is serious, the malware removal becomes much more complex. It is in cases like this, you need a specific malware removal tool to carry out the job.

Protecting Yourself Against Malware Infections

The best way to avoid malware is by taking necessary security precautions like avoiding suspicious-looking attachments, downloads, websites among other things, and by implementing security tools like antivirus software and having malware removal tools in place in case things go wrong.

Another important aspect is to note is that installing even the best antivirus software too is not going to be sufficient enough – unless you keep them updated. You can choose to use our very own Comodo Antivirus to protect your PC(s) from various security threats including zero-day malware.

Regarding the question ‘whether free antivirus would offer sufficient protection to your PC?’, the answer really depends upon your requirements. If you are heavy internet surfer, you need to be paid antivirus, otherwise, free antivirus would do. Therefore both offer solid protection against security threats.


The rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape is throwing up different challenges, handling which can be pretty tough unless your PC is equipped with the right kind of security tools. Not just malware, but the most dangerous of them all – the zero-day malware to needs to be tackled. For this, you need to equip your PC(s) with the best antivirus software like Comodo Antivirus.

Just like any other thing, the best way to counter malware is to prevent them before it attacks your PC. Take appropriate security measures – like downloading antivirus, malware removal tools. But no malware can be prevented if you don’t exercise caution while online. Therefore ensure you stick to security best practices as well and always be the prudent internet user.

comodo antivirus

comodo antivirus

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