The real need of Antivirus for Windows 10

February 8, 2016 | By K. Joseph Breheny
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Windows 10 is found vulnerable

When it is all set and Microsoft announcing its launch of Windows 10 operating system, a news from the other side of the world, claims Windows 10 to be susceptible to virus infection. An emergency and quick fix has been done from the Microsoft end. The company has now transitioned to provide service and not just about establishing a version of operating system.

Antivirus for Windows10


Users are much ignorant on the security awareness that are to be followed upon using the internet. This might lead to loss of important data into the hands of the criminals. Antivirus companies are now coming into prominence with the evolution of malware every other day. It has been found that the Microsoft Windows operating system has potentiel vulnerabilities. Hackers have found a security bug that helped them gain access to the user’s system. The loophole deprives the user from being protected. The vulnerability seems to affect every version of Windows operating systems. Windows users should enable automatic updates on their system, by this way security fixes are done automatically on the system, as and when updated.

Is Antivirus a refuge for Windows 10 Users?

There are many virus protection software found available to meet every demand of the PC security needs of the Windows 10 users. Choosing the right one takes the deal. Conventional antivirus’ just identifies and removes any malware that tries to infect the system, on the other hand there are antivirus software that works much smarter than the conventional antivirus. Smartness is evoked in the antivirus software by refining the existing conventional antivirus with the integration of next generation technology like auto-sandboxing, default deny protection and containment technology. This virus protection software is much essential as it is known to be the first line of defense in the virtual world.

Some unique features of antivirus to protect Windows 10 Pcs:

Sandboxing – Secures the PC by isolating any unkown and suspicious files to a virtual environment. This prevents any malicious files to intefere with the existing legitimate files.

Default Devy Protection – This technique induces the system to deny the entry of malware at the initial stage as and when a malware tries to enter the system by default. Its more of prevention based protection.

Containment Technology – This gives way to any user to stay protected even from the most recent zero day threats. This is done by securing all the illegitimate files and applications to be contained in a secure environment. This makes gives way to threat defying PCs.

With the perfect choice of Windows 10 Antivirus software, you can keep your Windows PC much protected.

Windows Antivirus

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