Virus Protection for Computer

June 5, 2020 | By admin
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Things to look for when considering virus protection for your computer

Virus Protection for Computer

Whether your computer functions on Windows, Android, or Mac, cybercriminals will look for ways to access your device and compromise whatever they can. After all, this is how they make money. And because many of us are encouraged to work from home now, you can bet cybercrime is only going to increase. That being the present reality, it’s important you make use of virus protection for your computer. The last thing anyone would want today is stolen money or a compromised identity and reputation. 

Precisely because of that, we’re listing down the top 4 factors you should consider when choosing what kind of virus protection for your computer to subscribe to. 

Let’s begin!

Customer Support

Not all cybersecurity applications are made equal. And you will definitely notice that with an antivirus brand’s customer service. One of the many perks and benefits users get from reliable software companies that guarantee to block viruses is access to a team of experts. 

Consider what platform they make themselves available in. Can you call them? Are they only available through chat support? How soon do they reply to emails? When you run a business or make use of antivirus packages that cover multiple computers, being able to turn to professionals when you need help is crucial. Privacy is a matter that we can no longer afford to downplay. The virus protection for your computer should be from cybersecurity that values transparency, easy communication, and a lot of support. 


A lot of people resort to trial versions of antivirus programs, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Do note, however, that the best free virus removers may not always be compatible with whatever device you use. Always factor in an antivirus program’s compatibility with computers and devices. Although cybersecurity software is clearly and cleverly designed to block virus, each of them is made differently, and for certain computer models only, too. 

Check out reviews and find out if the antivirus brand you’re eyeing works well with your laptop or desktop.  


It’s easy to forego the idea of subscribing to an antivirus brand because they’re known to be very pricey. We all work hard for our money, so the things we spend on have to be worth every buck, right? While many antivirus programs can cost you hundreds, a subscription with us here at Comodo Cybersecurity will only cost you $17.99 for an entire year! Virus protection for your computer doesn’t have to be expensive!

Affordability is the determiner of many shopping and purchasing decisions, so factor that in, too. What is the point of shelling out a couple more hundred bucks when you get the same security, privilege, customer support, and guarantees from an antivirus subscription that is much cheaper?

Easy to use

Another reason people skip antivirus subscriptions is that they can be difficult to navigate. Find a cybersecurity program that doesn’t delay your computer work and doesn’t get in the way of whatever it is you need to be done. Your version of the best free virus remover may not cost you anything, but it might take more time and energy to function. 

Look for a brand that optimizes your computer even more, as opposed to draining it. A user-friendliness is an option you very much need to include. You wouldn’t want to pay for something you barely use, all because it’s challenging to work with. Virus protection for your computer need not be complicated!

Wide coverage

Viruses and digital threats come in many forms now. Along the advancement of technology is also the expansion of internet dangers. Viruses can take the shape of malware, trojans, worms, and more. What’s worse, they can replicate themselves, too. Many times, it can be too late before you find out your computer is infected. 

Look for an antivirus program that scans your email attachments, too. It’s no secret that spam mails are one of the strongest carriers of viruses. No matter how innocent an attachment is, you can never be too sure. A lot of things are deceptive online nowadays. Spyware can easily slither its way to your system, too. Once hackers have access to your computer, they can essentially do what they want. They can either steal your saved bank credentials and leave a dent on your online finances or creep through sensitive photos, videos, and documents and blackmail you in the end. 

Again, digital threats come in various forms, so look for software that doesn’t just block viruses, but assess the optimality and privacy measures of your computer, as well. The virus protection for your computer must secure many facets of your lifestyle.  

Looking for award-winning cybersecurity that won’t break the bank? Sign up with Comodo Cybersecurity today!

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