What is Spyware and How To Protect Your PC

July 4, 2018 | By admin
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Spyware Removal

Spyware is a malicious software which is implanted by a hacker on victim’s computing device with the intention of stealing confidential information without the end user’s intent. The confidential information might include gathering PINs and credit card numbers, passwords, monitoring password strokes, tracking browsing habits and harvesting email addresses.

Besides gathering data, the infiltrating software also monitors user activities on the computing device and forwards it to the third party without the consent of the user. Usually, the Spyware presence remains hidden and few antivirus software fail to detect them. Unanticipated system hiccups, network slowdowns, and the whole business process taking a hit in the performance are indicators to spyware residing in the system.

The spyware is classified into four main categories: Trojans, adware, tracking cookies and system monitors.

Trojan: Trojan or Trojan horse is a type of malware that infects computers.
Adware Definition: Adware is a malicious program that serves as spyware to monitor computer devices.
Tracking Cookie: The tracking cookie files are distributed, shared, and read across two or more unrelated Web sites for the goal of gathering information.
System Monitors: As its name suggests, it is designed to monitor any activity on a computer and capture confidential data like sites visited, keystrokes, emails and more.


Be it on an application in the web-browser, mobile application, or a conventional computing device, the Spyware software is installed without the knowledge of the user. The spyware software helps the hacker in acquiring valuable data about the user.

The details that are passed on to the hacker may vary and can include reports such as the online browsing habits or purchases, recordings of keystrokes on the keyboard, banking details, passwords, login credentials, etc.

Generally, the malicious program infiltrates into a computer by hiding in a program. The user is totally unaware of the risks and inadvertently downloads and installs the program. Spyware always tries the backdoor entry into systems, such as when the user visits a compromised website or opens a malicious attachment in an email.

In some cases, the software is implanted in a computer with the user authorizing in the license agreement describing the spyware. The terminology (Spyware) may not be explicitly used but abiding by the agreement in a way forces the user into agreeing in installing the program.

Problems Created By Spyware

There are two main problems created by Spyware!

Firstly, the software is discreetly installed to steal sensitive data which can be used for identity theft. The Spyware program has access to all details on a computing device which includes passwords, banking information, browsing history, email accounts, social networks and more. The software can accumulate more than enough details to create a fake profile online imitating the user identity.

Secondly, a Spyware may end up using an extensive size of your computer’s resources. This impacts on the overall performance of the computer and makes it run slowly. The spyware is more capable of manipulating search engine results and presents unwanted websites on your browser. It showcases the potentially harmful websites or fraudulent ones.

How to Protect Your PC

To better protect your computer never download programs from unsure sources. Avoid opening emails from untrusted sources even though it might appear to come from a close aide.

In a time when even a trusted website can become compromised, it is better to double check before you venture into something. When your computer is hit by a spyware seek assistance from an authorized technical guy for virus removal.

Install a good antivirus program with proactive protection and reliable detection capabilities. There are numerous antivirus solutions available on the market today, but still, it is important to identify the right antivirus that best fits your needs.

The Comodo antivirus is a powerful software that is capable of quickly detecting and destroying PC invaders. The antivirus software provides complete malware and virus protection for PCs. Nevertheless, it is easy to install and run in few minutes. Virus removal has never been that simple and if you would like to know more about it or want to try downloading the Comodo Antivirus, you are welcome to visit the official page now!

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