How to choose the best virus scanner and remover for Android

October 13, 2019 | By admin
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Shedun, Godless and Hummingbad may not be names you immediately recognize (unless you work in IT), but they are three of the most dangerous types of malware the Android platform. Godless is particularly insidious as it can be concealed in apps which have been approved for the Google Play store. The popularity of Android devices has, understandably, made them a tempting target for malware creators. The good news is that you can protect your device(s) with a robust security product. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to choose the best virus scanner and remover for Android.

Virus Scanner and Remover for Android

Research your source

There are two good reasons for researching your source (even if you get your app from the Google Play store). The first is because there is actually a lot of malware out there which is, rather ironically, disguised as security software (this holds true for all of the main operating systems not just for Android).

The second is that even if a virus scanner and remover is legitimate in that it is intended to do the job it says it does. It will not necessarily be up to the task. The app market on both Android and iOS devices has become something of a playground for amateur developers, which is great in a lot of ways, but frankly when it comes to something as important as a virus scanner and remover for Android, only the very best is good enough. Stick with the most trusted names in security, like Comodo.

comodo antivirus

Look for all-round malware protection

A virus is just one particular form of computer nasty, there are plenty of others. Since you’re buying a virus scanner and remover for Android, it makes sense to ensure that it actually performs its core function to a high standard. In addition to covering known Android viruses, you’ll want an app which is regularly updated so that it can protect against new ones, plus it’s very much preferable if it also has protection against other forms of malware. For example, if you’re planning on using the app for an Android phone, then you’ll definitely want protection against USSD (mobile-data) attacks and protection against annoying adware is usually a definite plus.

Look for anti-theft systems

Always remember that malware can be installed on a device by physical means (such as via a memory card) as well as in the form of a download. Similarly, the longer someone has to work on your device physically, the more chance they have of breaking its protection, whether that’s biometric authentication or security software. While it may be irritating to have to write off your physical device, what you should really be worried about is your personal data as identity theft can be a truly painful experience. Anti-theft functionality such as location finders, alarms and the ability to take a photograph can all help to deter thieves from taking your device in the first place, or, failing that, encourage them to get rid of it as quickly as possible. It’s also very useful to have the ability to wipe your data from the device itself.

Look for functionality to optimize your system settings

Part of the reason you want to avoid using software from amateur developers is because amateur developers do not necessarily write the best code. This does not necessarily matter a great deal, especially not with “light” apps, such as basic games but it matters a great deal with applications such as virus scanners and removers.

Essentially, these types of apps do have a slight payload on a device, which means that the coding behind them needs to be as tight as possible to minimize their impact and it definitely helps if they also have functionality to optimize the system settings on a mobile device to minimize their impact even further.

A well-written virus scanner and remover should run on Android with only a featherlight impact for most of the time it’s in use and should allow the user to schedule tasks which are almost inevitably going to be a drain on the system of even high-end Android devices, such as deep-level scans. Basically you usually want these to run overnight.

Consider the all-round value-for-money

To be perfectly blunt, the best virus scanner and remover for Android is highly unlikely to be one of the free apps you can find available on the Google Play store. You should therefore assume that you’re going to need a paid option. The good news is that Comodo offers an excellent virus scanner and remover for Android at a very competitive price. Head on over to the Comodo website to buy it now.

Comodo Antivirus for Android

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