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October 22, 2019 | By admin
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Virus Cleaner App

Right now there are all kinds of virus cleaner apps on the market. Some are bundled with the major operating systems, some are available as free downloads and some need to be bought. While free may be tempting, when it comes to virus cleaner apps, it really is worth spending a little extra for a whole lot more protection. Here are four major benefits of buying a paid virus cleaner app.

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Four Major Benefits of Using Free/Paid Virus Cleaner App in 2020

  • You avoid fake antivirus trojans
  • You get a much higher level of protection
  • Your device’s performance will be maintained
  • You are able to get help from the developer if you need it

1, You Avoid Fake Antivirus Trojans

A significant percentage of the free antivirus apps on the market today are, in actual fact, fake antivirus trojans. Basically the idea behind this malware is that it tricks the user into taking action to activate the virus (which is usually quite straightforward if the user believes that it is security software) after which the app proceeds to “detect” various threats and demands money to remove them. Given that in-app purchases are now commonplace it is again often fairly easy to trick unwary users into thinking this behavior is legitimate.

For the sake of completeness, although fake antivirus trojans are (currently) the most likely threat you’ll encounter, fake antivirus software can be full of all kinds of threats. It would take a huge amount of space to cover all the different kinds of damage which can be done by trojans alone, suffice it to say that it can range from “just” causing massive performance issues with your computer or running up your bill by sending SMS to premium numbers, to having your computer hijacked and used to commit cybercrimes against other people to having your own data stolen.

Three particularly nasty trojans which are still doing the rounds after many years are: 

  • ZeuS/Zbot, which is used to steal your credentials, such as your banking credentials,
  • Rakhni trojan which is frequently used as a way to infect a device with ransomware or with cryptojackers,
  • Emotet banking trojan, which steals data, particularly financial information.

comodo antivirus

2, You Get A Much Higher Level of Protection

The simple fact of the matter is that effective virus cleaner apps cost a lot of money to develop and even more money to keep current so that they continue to provide robust protection in the face of an ever-growing number and range of threats. IT-security companies therefore have the most solid of reasons for making sure that their paid products offer a much higher level of functionality than the products they offer for free.

Sometimes the exact nature and significance of these differences can be hard to identify and appreciate unless you really know your way around IT. For example, free products may offer a perfectly reasonable level of protection against classic viruses but hardly any against other forms of malware. This means that they are what they say they are, virus cleaner apps, but they are not what most users expect them to be, which is malware cleaner apps.

When you pay for a virus cleaner app, you can not only expect robust protection against all known forms of malware, rather than just viruses, you can also expect useful add-on features such as sandboxes (or quarantine areas) where viruses can be kept safely contained while they are being cleaned (just in case they spring any nasty surprises before they are finally obliterated). They might also offer firewalls (or browsing protection) to help alert you to malicious websites and hence reduce the likelihood that you’ll pick up a virus in the first place.

3, Your Device’s Performance Will Be Maintained

Virus cleaner apps are basically security apps and security checks take time, however, the length of time they take can vary widely depending on how efficiently they are performed, or, to put it another way, how well the app is written and how much bloatware it contains.

The fact of the matter is that security companies need money to continue to develop their products (and to earn a profit for their owners). This means in practical terms “free” virus cleaner apps are really only free to download. After the initial download, users pay for the app with their time by watching adverts and may also find themselves installing browser extensions and other bloatware, which can cause further performance issues.

4, You Are Able to Get Help from The Developer If You Need It

If you buy a paid virus cleaner app from a reputable software company such as Comodo, you can not only expect access to a wide range of self-service tools to help you understand your product and get the most out of it but expect this to be backed by human customer service. Comodo is renowned for its helpfulness as well as for the quality of its virus cleaner app. Download it now from the Comodo website and get the protection you need at a very affordable price.

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comodo antivirus

comodo antivirus

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