Methods to Protect your PC Against Virus and Threats

February 7, 2018 | By admin
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We all make mistakes. Like leaving our PC(s) unlocked or creating easily guessable passwords, which provide bad actors easy access to them. Now, what if the bad actor leaves no trace behind? Example: let’s say he or she locks up your system and let’s say you don’t remember leaving it unlocked in the first place. When faced with such circumstances, here are some tips using which PC users like you can find out who’s been lurking in your PC(s) while you were away.

Methods to Protect your PC

1. Check Windows Logs: Windows 10 contains a built-in tool called Event Viewer which records events (such as user login and logoff) occurring within your PC(s). So if you suspect someone’s been using your PC, then you can find out the same using Event Viewer. (Reading the information available within Event Viewer can be tough, but it’s worth the time spent. You can find out more Event Viewer on the internet).

2. Check Your Firewall: Another way is to use your firewall. And in case if you don’t have one (which is not advisable), you can check the built-in firewall, as these security tools which are supposed to filter inbound and outbound traffic, too contain a record of your PC-related activities such as login and logoff. Again, understanding the information can be tough, so check online for instructions.

3. Check Who Powered Your Machine: Windows Logs also records when your PC was powered on. Although a bit vague information to conduct the search, it can nevertheless prove useful where other methods might fail. So it’s definitely worth checking this out.

But why be so careless so as to allow someone to intrude into your PC(s) in the first place?

Prevent hackers gaining remote access to your PC(s) by:

1. Installing Antivirus: With free antivirus or paid ones installed, your PC(s) will be strong enough to resist such remote hacker intrusions. You can also use your security software’s logs to check whether someone accessed your PC(s) while you were away. And if hackers successfully bypass the security and gain access to your PC, then your antivirus will alert you to such happenings – no need to surf through tough-to-understand logs.

2. Keeping Your System Up-to-Date: Ensure your operating system and other software within your PC(s) stay updated – all the time. This will reduce the room for security vulnerabilities which may allow hackers to access your PC(s) remotely. So never forget to keep your system up-to-date.


Remember we live in an age which witnesses security threats every day. Therefore there is no real excuse for leaving your PC(s) unattended (and without locking) or not having antivirus for PC. Because when you do so, you are literally inviting cybercriminals to access your PC(s). So better avoid such careless acts and safeguard your PC(s) against various security threats by installing antivirus and by never forgetting to lock it up while you are away.

comodo antivirus

comodo antivirus

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