Best Antivirus Program- Why its Needed?

Selecting the right antivirus software which would suit your requirements can be a tough task. Especially considering the wide range of security attacks – and the wide range of free anti virus programs available in the cybersecurity market - our PC(s) are being subjected to these days. Various questions like whether you should go for high-end products or choose a free antivirus program? Should you get the opinion of that geek buddy of yours? And many other such questions can give you a hard time.

Antivirus Program

And believe it or not, there are many free antivirus programs available in the cybersecurity market, which offer solid protection against various types of malware. Now, allow us to ask you some questions which can help us evaluate your security needs and provide you the relevant answer.

  • Are You A Security-Conscious PC User? - Let's face it, who isn't? Especially considering today's rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape. Therefore if you belong to this group of security-conscious users who think twice before going online, then an antivirus software with at least the basic security features to safeguard your PC is a must for you.

  • What Budget Do You Have In Mind? - How much are you planning to spend? Many antiviruses are available at moderate costs. We call them moderate because your device's security is at stake here and therefore shelling a few dollars will be worth it. But if you are too disinclined to spending money, then you could always opt for free anti virus programs available in the market. But bear in mind that they would lack some very important features like virus removal support, backup options, wifi security etc.,

  • What About The Trial Period? - You cannot directly buy an antivirus software based on what the company website says. You cannot do so even based on recommendations from friends and family. Because you are the one who's going to use it. So it's important you should try it out first before buying. Therefore only choose only those antivirus packages with come with a trial period. Neglect those that don't have one.

Now that you know the nuances of selecting an antivirus software, let's take a look at some of the best free anti virus programs available in the cybersecurity industry today:

Best Free Antivirus Programs

  1. Comodo Internet Security
  2. BitDefender Antivirus
  3. AVG Antivirus
  4. Zemana Anti-Malware
  5. Hitman Pro
  1. Comodo Internet Security: Our own Comodo Internet Security (CIS) comes packaged with an impressive set of cyber security features backed by Comodo's unique technology Default Deny Approach – the approach of running all unknown files within secure containers until they prove themselves to be harmless - which helps subscribers to successfully combat the challenges thrown by the rapidly changing cybersecurity threat landscape of today.

  2. BitDefender Antivirus: A 'no-frills' security software which comes with free antivirus and paid versions as well. Extremely lightweight and equipped with a host of proactive security measures, BitDefender antivirus packages everything you need security-wise into one solution.

  3. AVG Antivirus: Despite possessing disruptive notification alerts which are important but nevertheless annoy you, AVG Antivirus still makes it to our list, because it's really good. User-friendly, easily customizable, along with a host of impressive remote services make it a really lucrative security product in the cybersecurity market.

  4. Zemana Anti-Malware: Another powerful anti-malware tool in the IT security market. Extremely lightweight and consumes fewer system resources. Also contains cloud scanning technology. Efficient enough to handle all kinds of malicious software like adware, spyware, ransomware etc.,

  5. Hitman Pro: One of the best adware removal tools which use behavior identification technology for scanning and identifying malware. It offers cloud service. Which means it's pretty quick and updated all the time. Moreover, it is easily used along with any antivirus that you might be already employing.

Our Comodo Antivirus Is The Top Free Anti Virus Program Because

Comodo antivirus, which comes packaged with impressive security features, is the best free anti virus program in the cybersecurity market. It contains a free and paid version, namely Comodo Antivirus and Comodo Internet Security (CIS). Free version alone is sufficient to secure your PC(s) against malware attacks and zero-day threats.

Comodo Antivirus, the best free anti virus program contains following security features:

  • Default Deny Approach: using this technology, we ensure all unknown and therefore dangerous applications are run within secure containers, without affecting your PC(s). A pretty useful feature in today rapidly changing cybersecurity threat landscape which throws up unpredictable challenges.

  • HIPS and Viruscope: Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) allows PC users to impose a set of security rules based on which a host intrusion prevention system would be established. In other words, a security system for keeping malware out will be established. Viruscope, on the other hand, monitors the system processes and prevents malware from infecting those processes.

  • Protection Against Fileless Malware: one of the most important features of CIS is that successfully detects fileless malware which is known to leave no traces behind and is, therefore, is hard to detect. A security feature which every PC of today needs to combat the cybersecurity threat landscape.

  • Ability To Handle Zero-Day Malware: another popular security threat which needs to be tackled. And Comodo's Antivirus has the ability to do that. One of the most significant security measures which set Comodo Antivirus apart from the others in the IT security industry.

Best Free Antivirus for Free

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