What Are Android Security Updates, and Why Are Mobile Security Patches Important?

July 15, 2019 | By admin
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Software updates and mobile security patches are important for your mobile devices because they help in repairing security holes and removing outdated features and adding new ones. Software updates usually cover any security holes and provide software patches to prevent hacking attacks. Mobile security is therefore important for all our mobile phones, even the most commonly used Android phones.

Android Security Updates

Android phones are used by millions all over the world. These phones store corporate data and your personal details like passwords, photos, contacts, etc. Android security update pop-ups constantly appear on our phones, but sometimes, we find them annoying and ignore them. If you do this, your phone becomes a vulnerable device that can easily get hacked. The consequences of hacking attacks include all your private data being wiped out, used for illegal purposes, or for demanding a ransom.

Android security updates are thus a vital part of the overall Android security picture. Almost all Android phones can receive any updates, but sometimes they don’t get all of them. Because of this, Google is reportedly releasing a new Android licensing agreement to Other Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that will require security updates for two years on particular devices.

Based on the official Android Enterprise Recommended requirements, a phone will have to deliver all applicable mobile security patches within a period of 90 days of its release in order to qualify. Google also has other requirements that can be automatically fulfilled by even a midrange level phone. The mobile security update reliability is treated to be the most essential and vital variable, and it could also become the key determining factor for a device’s inclusion.

Mobile security patches focus on fixing security vulnerabilities, including bugs. Applying a security patch on an Android device improves the phone’s security and speed. Following is a highlight on the Android Security Bulletin, 2019.

March 2019 mobile security update is available with two patch dates: 3/01/2019 and 3/05/2019.

  • Moderate and high fixes for the framework.
  • Critical and high fixes for the system.
  • Critical and high fixes for the media framework.

April 2019 mobile security update is available with two patch dates: 4/01/2019 and 4/05/2019.

  • High fixes for the system.
  • Critical and high fixes for Qualcomm components.
  • High fixes for the framework.
  • Critical fixes for the media framework.

Below are a few mobile security tips for protecting your Android device from different mobile threats:

  • Back up your phone regularly.
  • Never download apps from unofficial websites or app stores.
  • Install antivirus security software only from a renowned cybersecurity vendor.
  • Consider the permissions/access to the apps installed on your phone, and do not install apps that ask you for too many details.
  • If you are connecting to public Wi-Fi, use VPNs because you should never trust public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Protect your device with password or pin lock to prevent others from accessing your device when you leave it unattended for some time. To get better mobile security, fingerprint locks are much safer than passwords.
  • Regularly update your Android device with the latest security patches.
  • For Android devices, select Google Play Protect. Go to settings and enable the “Verify Apps” feature and disable “unknown sources” when they are not used.
  • Use an encryption application for protecting any confidential data on your phone.
  • Be suspicious of emails, texts, calls, etc. that ask for personal data like passwords, user names, etc. Enable two-factor authentication when available.

While choosing a mobile security app, there are a few key factors that you will have to consider. These key factors include users’ reviews, usability, and the app’s cost-efficiency. Carefully assessing these factors will enable you to find an effective mobile security app.

Comodo offers an excellent mobile security solution for Android mobile devices via its product, Antivirus for Android. Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) has been designed for protecting your Android devices against unsafe apps, potentially risky settings, viruses, and theft. This mobile security solution from Comodo keeps your system optimized and protects your privacy.

CMS protects your phone against suspicious apps, mobile malware, and several other security threats. It comes with a variety of mobile security services specifically designed to keep your Android phone healthy and safe. One notable feature provided by this security solution is a high-performance antivirus engine capable of providing always-on protection, which ensures that your Android phone remains virus free.

Comodo Android Antivirus

Key mobile security features provided by Comodo Android Antivirus include:


The Antivirus for Android App from Comodo has “Always on” virus protection and an on-demand scanner that will keep your device clear of unsafe apps and viruses. Scheduled scans and one-touch scans are available, along with a system “Health Check” feature that rapidly detects unsafe apps, potentially risky settings, and viruses. CMS also protects you from irritating push ads hosted by applications from different sources.

comodo antivirus

Software Manager

With this security feature, you will be able to manage all the apps on your Android phone. Besides viewing the installed apps, you can also uninstall them or make a backup. You will be provided with a list of apps in your device, and you can choose either to delete them or install them.


CMS will permit you to back up vital data, such as text messages, contact lists, and private space, to a memory card. You will also be able to back up your CMS configuration and all the apps in your device. In case of data loss, you can instantly restore the backed-up data.

Call/SMS Blocking

Instantly filter irritating phone calls and SMS messages by organizing black/white contact lists. This feature can also block all text messages containing specific keywords.


This anti-theft feature remotely recovers your device if it is lost or stolen. It assists you in getting the location of your device even if its SIM card is changed. You can also make the device take a photograph of the possessor and sound an alarm. It can be locked in order to prevent unauthorized access, and all your sensitive details including any files stored on the phone’s memory card can be remotely wiped out.

Privacy Advisor

Privacy Advisor tells you which apps are permitted to access data such as archived messages and your contact lists and which apps can send text messages or make phone calls.

Task Scheduler

Through this feature, CMS permits you to automate the antivirus scanning process. You can select the time when you want the scan to take place. You can also set schedules for “Leave Flight Mode” and “Enter Flight Mode” on your device.

Traffic Monitoring

This feature helps you avoid excess charges for exceeding the data limits on your plan. It allows you to configure the application to send alerts if your monthly traffic limit is set to a daily traffic quota. Complete details of all GPRS/3G data traffic and a chart of data usage for all the applications running on your phone is also available. The firewall from the traffic-monitoring interface can be used for blocking apps from connecting to the internet.

Private Space

All your contacts, text messages, and phone numbers stored in Private Space can be viewed only by you.

System Optimizer

This mobile security feature from CMS gives you complete visibility and control over running processes. It allows you to view how much memory each uses and how many are running, and you can rapidly close down the ones that are not needed. With just one tap, you will able to clean all the temporary files in the cache memory and see how the phone’s performance gets instantly improved.

Install Comodo Mobile Security to provide the mobile security that your phone needs.

Antivirus for Android

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