How to Check My Phone for Viruses?

May 1, 2020 | By admin
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Check My Phone for Viruses

We all know that the virus is a small software program that can spread through the links, emails, any third-party apps, and various ways. You definitely, know our computer has viruses but even you know our phones have viruses too. In this day and age hackers are shifted their focus to the mobile phones and tablets and the malware that hacker is designed exactly for the purpose –to theft your password and stole your data because for phones and tablets there are various types of malicious applications are available. Viruses are also available in the form of an email attachment, text messages, download links, Whatsapp links. If you didn’t notice these viruses then surely, some damages are done.

You need the best antivirus program to check your phone at a regular interval of time and detect any type of malicious activity on your phone. Here, Comodo offers you exclusive mobile security for your phone which is compatible with all types of mobile phones. It mobile security design to protect your devices against viruses, unsafe apps, potentially risky setting even from the theft.

“Check My Phone for Viruses”. Their Symptoms Are:

Excessive data usage

When a virus has infected your phone then some apps are running in the background that may cause excessive usage of data. Cause of viruses our phone allowed to run many tasks in the background. Therefore, our internet data exhausted at a faster rate.

Unusual app crashing

When you experience that applications are not working or getting stuck in the middle and may crashes once in a while, but if it seems whenever you use it. Then your device may have a virus. Sometimes, your phone has many unwanted apps and you have no idea when it got downloaded. This is also one of the reasons when the virus enters your phone and after installing these apps chances of infection has been increased.

Pop-up Ads

No one likes pop-up ads. While it’s normal to appear on safe websites in the form of advertisements, they shouldn’t appear when you’re browser is closed. If they do, you likely have a virus. Some adware virus displays the link on the screen and when you click on them, and then your mobile device becomes infected.

Increment in bills

Some types of malware know how to call and send premium-rate SMS messages from your phone. This can cause an increment in your phone bill because premium message rates apply. Viruses can also delete incoming messages. By regular, checking of outgoing text messages/SMS and calls. You will protect yourself from these viruses.

Unwanted app

If you have downloaded any software from third-party platforms or through any link. So, there is a big risk of installing them because maybe viruses are present in that software. Never click on the app which you have don’t remember to download. It was likely introduced by malware into your android gadget and should be uninstalled quickly using an antivirus program.

Battery drainage problems

A virus can use a lot of your phone’s energy, making the battery drain quickly. If your battery seems to drain faster than normal-even instantly after coming off the charger then you may have a virus. Who continuously operates many other programs in the background and they consume the capacity of your device battery. Check the apps that drain your battery in setting options. There you find every data and process of the app and optimize them also.

Overheating usually

Some infected phones have been known to overheat. When your phone is infected from the virus then battery drains quickly and the cause of this phone is overheated frequently. So, keep an eye on this if your phone is suddenly overheating.

Check your phone for viruses regularly, and take care of the above points and if you face or experience any problem like this, then no doubt your phone has infected from the malware and viruses. You need to download Comodo antivirus for your phone to detect automatically any suspicious malware activity in your devices. Its mobile security prevents the attack of ransomware, obstruct banking Trojans from accessing or stealing of your phone data.

comodo antivirus

comodo antivirus

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