Free Virus and Malware Protection

June 14, 2020 | By admin
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How to choose a free virus and malware protection program

Free Virus and Malware Protection

Digital technology has evolved so much considering there is now a vast array of choices in the antivirus department. Times are even crazier now in that many workforces across countries are now encouraged to adjust to work-from-home set-ups. Given that reality, studies predict—and agreeably so—that cybercrime rates are only bound to increase in the coming months. This is also why people have been turning to free virus and malware protection applications for decent security coverage. However, for overall computer protection, nothing beats the paid-for version of the best antivirus software.

Here are some strong pointers you should consider when looking for free antivirus and premium cybersecurity subscriptions

Don’t settle with the antivirus your computer comes with

Let’s be honest: built-in computer viruses can only do so much. If they were exponentially reliable to start with, third-party antivirus subscriptions and programs wouldn’t be as big as they are today. But the truth of that matter is, the leading tech experts continue to compel users to install cybersecurity applications.

As mentioned, hackers are improving their game, and more often than not, the free antivirus program your computer already has installed is most likely outdated or easily compromisable. If you’re bent on making sure no cyber thief ever gains access to your personal documents, cloud-based antivirus programs like Comodo Cybersecurity offer better overall protection and security. Still, don’t immediately forego the value and aid free virus and malware protection programs extend. They may not be the most effective and consistent when it comes to virus-detection, but these programs are still able to keep you safe to a limited extent—and that’s always better than nothing. 

Choose an antivirus brand that has a high virus-detection rate

Looking at reviews seldom works to your disadvantage. That said, regularly researching the cybersecurity packages, bundles, and applications you’re considering should be something you practice all the time. Find out what kinds of viruses an application or subscription can detect, and figure out how successful and high these rates are. Whether it’s brand-new zero-day spyware or commonplace adware, you’ll want to make sure that the antivirus and malware program you choose for your computer can detect them all!

Some free virus and malware protection applications will be able to secure your computer incredibly well from malware, but as mentioned, free virus and malware protection can only take you so far. Still, you shouldn’t disregard the help you can get from free antivirus programs, as this gives you a solid preview of how effective their paid-for version can be. 

If you’re satisfied with a cybersecurity brand’s trial version, there’s a high chance they’ll be the best antivirus software for you! Note that the “best antivirus software” can differ from person to person, as computing activities vary and users have different computer models. There is no one-size-approach when it comes to antivirus programs, so factor in as many things as possible! 

Make sure your antivirus has web and email security coverage

Given present times, you’ll need an antivirus program that immediately screens your downloads and email attachments. Opening any un-screened document you’ve downloaded from the internet can spell trouble. All the best antivirus software should easily have these features, but it pays to double-check. 

Again, review what other people are saying about quickly and efficiently a cybersecurity application— free virus and malware protection or otherwise—can scan your downloads. 

The best antivirus software should have a trial period

It’s easy for any antivirus brand to claim they’re the best. But unless you get to experience their technology and efficiency yourself, anything and everything is up for debate. Reliable free virus and malware protection programs often have trial versions, so take advantage of that! Trying antivirus services before you commit to a subscription lets you find out if they support your computing needs, too!

Look for an antivirus subscription that won’t break the bank

A lot of cybersecurity programs are expensive, but over are the days when only costly antivirus applications are effective. In fact, a quick trip to Google will reveal that many users now enjoy equally efficient antivirus programs with much cheaper fees. Because the best antivirus software is different for everyone, choose one that isn’t dramatically pricey. For instance, with us here in Comodo Cybersecurity, you get excellent antivirus protection for only $17.99 for an entire year!

If you have more than one computer you’d want to protect, we have a $19.99 that covers three computing devices, too! Sign up with Comodo Cybersecurity now!

Free Virus Protection Downloads

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