What is Adware and How to Remove It?

April 9, 2019 | By admin
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Adware Definition Adware is a software that automatically displays unwanted ads. It can also be a type of free software supported by advertisements that come up in pop-up windows or on a toolbar on your PC or browser. Some adware types are used for collecting your personal data, tracking your browsing history, or they could also go to the extent of recording your keystrokes.

Adware removal

Consider the Following Before Removing Adware

To remove adware, you first need to back up your files and then install the best antivirus with an excellent adware removal feature capable of scanning for, detecting, and/or removing any adware waiting inside your system.

6 Sign Shows that Your Computer is Affected with Adware Attack

You can be sure that your system has been affected with adware if you come across the following signs:

  • Web pages that you mostly visit do not get correctly displayed.
  • Website links redirect to sites that you have no intention to visit.
  • Your web browser slows to a crawl.
  • Advertisements appear in unwanted places.
  • New extensions, toolbars, or plugins abruptly populate your browser.
  • Your web browser’s homepage has strangely changed without your permission.

How to Remove Adware from Computer?

The following tips will help you to manually remove any adware issue on your computer:

  • Back up your files
    If you have noticed adware issues on your PC, use an external hard drive or save your most vital data to the cloud.
  • Update or download necessary tools
    To clean up your computer, you will have to run or download updates to a scanner that specializes in removing adware and PUPs (PUPs or PUP is a term used for describing unwanted programs such as spyware, adware, and Trojans, along with other malware which may compromise your privacy). If you still suspect your computer is severely infected and you do not have the right tools, it is better if you go ahead and install the tools on a friend’s machine and then transfer the tools to yours via USB or CD.
  • Uninstall unnecessary programs
    Check if the adware program has an uninstaller prior to scanning using a security product. Go to the Add/Remove Programs list in the Windows Control Panel. If the unwanted program is present there, highlight it and then select the Remove button. Remove the adware and then reboot the computer even if you are not prompted to do so.
  • Use an adware and PUPs removal program to run a scan
    After the program has scanned and detected the adware, it will probably carry out a quarantine process (a feature of adware removal tool that isolates infected files on a computer’s hard disk) so that you will be able to look and decide whether to delete it. Deleting it will probably allow you to get rid of adware and other residual files capable of bringing the adware back.

How to Prevent Adware Attack on Computer?

  1. Understand what you are installing
  2. Change your browser settings
  3. Install a firewall
  4. Do not click on any unknown links
  5. Update all software

Discussed below are some simple ways you can follow in order to prevent adware from entering your computer:

  • Understand what you are installing
    Focusing on and understanding what you plan to install is considered to be one simple way to avoid downloading and installing unwanted adware. This is a necessity especially when you decide to download a program that is free.
  • Change your browser settings
    Adjust your internet browser’s security settings. For instance, on Internet Explorer, your Internet Zone settings should be on “Medium Security” or above.
  • Install a firewall
    Firewalls are programs that help in filtering data. These operate as gatekeepers and only allow authorized data in and out of your PC. When a new program like adware gets installed, it connects to the internet for the very first time and the firewall will warn you that it is about to connect and will ask for your permission for it to do so. This is to assure you that without your permission the firewall will not allow the adware to work properly. Comodo’s Firewall is a trustworthy one that is capable of efficiently detecting threats and protecting your PC. All connections are secured when you are online.
  • comodo antivirus

  • Do not click on any unknown links
    Another simple way to avoid adware is to refrain from clicking on unknown links. When there are pop-up messages, many people just go ahead and click OK or YES as they assume it to be time consuming to read these messages. Adware publishers count on this practice and hence always know what you are agreeing to before your click “Ok.”
  • Update all software
    Always make sure to keep your programs and system updated. These vital updates include internet service provider (ISP) updates, antivirus software updates, operating system updates, and email program updates. Updating your adware removal tool on a regular basis is another vital necessity.

Remove Adware with Comodo Adware Removal Tool

Comodo antivirus has an excellent protection technology that has proved its potential to successfully battle virus and adware threats. Infection Defense blocks the access of any doubtful programs at all critical checkpoints, while Comodo’s Auto-Sandbox Techniques goes ahead and isolates the potentially harmful programs within a restricted environment without allowing it to affect your workflow.

Deciding to go in for Comodo’s antivirus software will help in successfully protecting your computers against adware, viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, backdoors, rootkits, and other malware infections, including the extremely dangerous zero-day threats.

Comodo Antivirus Security Features to Avoid Adware:


  • Default Deny Approach: This unique approach prevents all files by default from entering the PC until they prove themselves to be harmless.
  • Containment: This is a technology that backs the default deny approach by ‘restraining’ or ‘containing’ files and running them in individual environments until they prove themselves to be harmless.
  • Efficient Whitelisting: The Comodo adware removal tool has the potential to mark specific files as trustworthy and give them default access.
  • Cloud-based Behavior Analysis – Valkyrie: The necessity for a cloud-based behavior analysis system capable of keeping up with the latest malware is a growing necessity because of the increase in zero-day malware.
  • Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS): This system will comprehensively monitor your system and prevent the entry of malicious attacks. To execute the search, it employs a set of behavior analyzers.
  • VirusScope: This technology is useful for local PC analysis. It also enables PC users to undo malicious-looking changes which PC(s) might have recorded due to malicious actors.

comodo antivirus

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